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Tech Product Excellence

Vendor-agnostic IT infrastructure and license management.

Simplified software licenses

We are experts in license management across Oracle, Microsoft, Google and Confluent, and a license advisor on hybrid cloud solutions.

IT security and value for money

Companies often struggle with software licenses and IT infrastructure. Existing licenses may be expensive and no longer fit for purpose, but migrating data to new platforms can be complex and confusing. Add cloud migration into the mix and it can become even more problematic.

Cegal’s team of IT ninjas are tried and trusted experts who love working at the interface between your technical infrastructure and your ongoing licensing costs. We help you get the most for your money and give you advice and security for new investments.

We are experts in license management across Oracle, Microsoft, Google and Confluent, and a license advisor on hybrid cloud solutions including Interconnect between Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Platinum Partner

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we currently help more than 200 customers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden with Oracle services and products.

As well as powering growth on Oracle Cloud, we are equally adept at understanding and managing the technical and licensing integrations between Oracle and Azure (among others).

We have over 100 superheroes with Oracle expertise in several areas, including:

Key features and benefits

Software license management

We give you security and value for money from your software licenses.

  • Data and application migration
  • License cost optimization
  • Oracle, Microsoft, Google and Confluent
Oracle Integration Cloud

Integrate your SaaS applications and local applications onto Oracle Cloud efficiently and securely using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). OIC enables you to develop

  • Integrations
  • Structured and unstructured processes
  • Mobile and web applications
Oracle expertise

Cegal is an Oracle Platinum Partner, serving more than 200 Oracle customers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and aiming to be Scandinavia's best total supplier of Oracle technology.

  • Oracle database and infrastructure
  • Oracle Middleware and integration
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • Data warehouse
Outstanding technical knowledge

You can put your trust in our team of IT ninjas to simplify even the most complex IT projects.

  • Cloud architecture and design
  • Configuration of cloud components
  • Documentation and training

Oracle Integration Cloud

The future is in the cloud, which means organizations need to start looking at integration in the cloud today.

Cloud integration includes not only applications but also integrating your local systems with the new cloud solutions, which makes Software as a Service (SaaS) important to digital success.

Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service, you can integrate your SaaS applications, the other solutions you develop on Oracle PaaS (Platform as a Service) or another cloud, or your local applications. With Oracle PaaS, development, deployment and operation are performed in an efficient and secure way.

Oracle Integration Cloud contains the types of solutions you need to create integrations, processes, and applications in a modern architecture:

  • Integrations (Several types of integrations - declarative)
  • Processes (Both structured and more unstructured processes)
  • Mobile and web applications
Oracle Integration Cloud has many adapters so you can easily integrate what you need.

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