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Geological & Geophysical

Unrivaled expertise in G&G software and products.

Adding value from exploration to production

Let Cegal’s team of G&G experts help you unlock real value from your data.

Vendor-agnostic expertise

G&G tools are advanced pieces of technology that require skilled and knowledgeable operators. Your company may have limited resources in this area, or you may need additional support but don’t want to add to your internal headcount.

Geological & geophysical product excellence from Cegal offers skilled IT vendor-agnostic experts to help you unlock the value from your G&G tools and data.

Our super-skilled IT team are specialists across a range of applications and vendors, such as Schlumberger and Blueback. Working with you on your key strategic objectives, they’ll help you find, analyze, clean, and visualize data, from exploration to production.

Exploration and production phases

Our G&G product experts add value during the exploration phase, including:

  • Acquisition of acreage: following your strategy, making claims and securing the rights to buy seismics for that acreage.
  • Data rooms: helping you collect data, fire up applications and demonstrate the value of data and assets, whether you are looking to sell or invest.
  • Field development: optimizing the drill or drop decision making process and relevant field appraisals.
  • License/field management: taking full responsibility for licenses, partnerships with a couple of other legal entities, peer geologists and peer reviews of all the work that is being done.

This value is continued during production phase, including:

  • Reservoir management: allocating resources to optimize hydrocarbon recovery from a reservoir while minimizing capital investments and operating expenses.
  • Production optimization: measuring, analyzing, and modeling data to maximize while minimizing costs.
  • Near-field exploration: identifying in-fill targets and adding more recoverable hydrocarbons to prolong infrastructure.

Key features

Product expertise

Cegal’s G&G consultants have the product knowledge needed to extract the full value of your data.

  • Vendor-agnostic technical excellence
  • Data analysis and preparation
  • Visualizations and modeling
Flexible and scalable

Benefit from specialist product experts without recruitment and onboarding hassles.

  • Delivered as-a-service
  • No need to add to internal headcount
Exploration optimization

Product experts who can analyze huge volumes of data and create models based on seismic data.

  • Acreage acquisition
  • Drill or drop decision making
  • License management
Production optimization

Maximize yield and output in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

  • Reservoir management
  • Production optimization
  • Near-field exploration

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