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Secure access to industrial control systems

Remote access control

A complete security solution to control, protect, and log your remote access for all critical infrastructure.

Secure, efficient and manageable access

In a time where there is a greater focus on increased productivity and reduced cost, more and more industrial and critical infrastructure are being exposed. Critical IT infrastructure is facing increased threats, and potential breaches in these systems can be catastrophic.

Connect@Plant is a security platform that provides secure, efficient, and manageable access to critical industrial control systems.

By providing automated tools for granting and terminating access, delegating approvers, and user management, Connect@Plant reduces risks and controls threats for plant managers connected to critical systems access.

In addition, Connect@Plant offers huge efficiency and time-saving benefits.

  • Work from anywhere
  • Reduced travel time
  • Increased security and compliance
  • Increased efficiency with digitalization
How it works

As a Connect@Plant operator, you grant access through an automated work permit database, which can be integrated with the existing maintenance system or used stand-alone.

The portal uses two-factor login authentication, and access to applications through the firewall is based on valid work permits and time slots given by the administrator.

After a successful login, the user will be taken to a security hub and presented with a dashboard of the qualified systems, which includes a visual presentation of remote plant systems.

Traditionally, firewalls use IP addresses to monitor traffic and are often unaware of the true identities behind the IP addresses. Identity Awareness removes this notion of anonymity by mapping users and computer identities, enforcing you to access and audit data based on users’ identity.

Connect@Plant benefits


Cyber security surveillance

ISO 27001

Compliant with ISMS security standard

Key features

Implementation areas

Connect@Plant can be implemented in different plant environments that require right access to the right systems at the right time.

  • Offshore rigs
  • Power plants
  • Critical industrial systems
Dashboard Management

Through a comprehensive web-based dashboard, you’re in full control of all accesses and real-time connections to industrial control systems (ICS).

  • Work permit history
  • Overview of active sessions
  • Reporting and analysis
Secure access

System administration includes self-service for user administration, qualifications, and systems.

  • Access only granted with valid work permit
  • Work permit planning
  • Dynamic roles and user management
Activity tracking and control

The solution is integrated with work permit systems and database triggers preventing threat emulation including malicious code scanning and firewall updates.

  • Secure file transfer
  • Traffic encryption
  • Endpoint control
Cyber security needs

Cegal focuses on designing secure systems and applying safety measures to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability within critical infrastructure. This is achieved by providing 24/7 cyber security surveillance, Security Operations Center (SOC) services and tools such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

Want to know more about Connect@Plant? We are ready to help you get started.

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