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Cetegra High Performance Desktop (HPD)

Turn any connected device into a high-performing machine.

Workplace flexibility

Cetegra enables you to work from anywhere and access your data and applications using standard laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. You and your colleagues can collaborate on the same data sets regardless of your business unit or geographical location.

Keep your overheads low

Virtualizing desktop brings significant return on the initial investment. Whether it is about having transparency on the costs involved or regarding the exact number of licenses needed, hosting your desktops and applications in the cloud through Cetegra is a natural step of your digitalization journey.

Key HPD features

Cetegra Boost

As the energy industry undergoes a radical digital
transformation, the range of tools and software used by personnel is becoming more diverse and the volume of data is increasing exponentially.

Cetegra Boost allows users to request a more
powerful working environment by increasing system resources for a limited time.

  • Uplift performance when processing demanding workflows
  • Centralized authorizations
  • Transparent cost and usage monitoring
Cetegra Autoscale

Cetegra Autoscale provides a consistent, high-performance solution to manage the power of your machines proactively in the cloud to balance cost and user experience.

  • Power virtual machines on and off based on selected schedules
  • Adjust machines availability to the demand
  • Scale resources when greater usage is required
Dynamic updates

Since the software itself is also stored in the cloud, you can take advantage of new features as soon as they become available. This helps to shrink the productivity gap by optimizing your tools as soon as possible, instead of waiting for the next big release to be rolled out.

  • Cloud-based software offers auto updates
  • Take advantage of new features as soon as they become available
  • Simplify maintenance and upgrades routines
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