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Blueback Toolbox

Speed up and expand your seismic data and geomodeling workflows.

Get a better modeling result, faster

Access almost 100 plug-ins to improve Petrel* functionality and workflows.

Enhance Petrel project management

The Blueback Toolbox is packed with close to 100 tools to extend standard Petrel* E&P software platform functionality. This suite of tools covers the geophysics, geology, geomodeling and reservoir engineering domains, in addition to providing you with the ability to better manage your Petrel projects.

You benefit from a series of tools for input data preparation and QC, data analysis, fault analysis, reporting, 3D property modeling, and QC and log data upscaling.

The functionality ranges from seismic data analysis tools, data manipulation and editing, seismic interpretation operations, and expanded data import/export options. Frequency spectrum, folded seismic stacking, import images as 2D lines, merge and resample cubes and create velocity cubes are popular examples of the rich set of tools the Blueback Toolbox provides.

The end result is greater functionality and features that speed up and improve the many geomodeling workflows.

Speed up and expand seismic data workflows

Optimize and speed up the use of Petrel with the Blueback Toolbox functionality features. With tools like the Facies Proportion Maps, you are a click away from performing an excellent QC of your 3D facies models. Other excellent examples are rapid well log depth shifts, fault information extraction from the 3D grid, 3D grid QC, and tools for checking your log upscaling.

In addition, the BluePrint tool allows you to embed reporting structures into Petrel to satisfy, standardize, and automate many different reporting workflows. The Blueback Toolbox helps you save valuable time and gives you a better modeling result, faster.

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Blueback Toolbox features

Seismic attribute ranking

The seismic attribute ranking tool makes it possible to rank a set of seismic attributes according to their ability to linearly approximate a log.

  • Quickly identify the best subset of attributes
  • Feed that data into neural network
  • Remove the labor intensive grind
Folded seismic stacking

Folded seismic stacking (FSS) is a tool that enables the user to stack a seismic section along the contours of a structure. This lets the user identify gas and fluid contacts hard to spot from the seismic itself. Create:

  • A stacked 2D line in a given direction
  • 3D & 2D interpretation with attributes
  • Stacking polygons and intersections
Net-to-gross estimation

The Net/Gross tool lets you investigate various statistics over a single seismic volume or over multiple realizations of multiple seismic volumes (e.g. stochastic inversion realizations).

  • Investigate Net/Gross between a top and a base surface
  • Investigate net thickness between a top and a base surface
  • Create maps within a user-defined target interval
Seismic correlation

Overcome the current inability to crossplot seismic data within the Petrel function window.

  • Converting to a crossplot object or to points
  • Crossplot seismic data in the function window
  • Create filters and estimate functions from seismic data
Merge and resample

One of the most popular and useful tools that allows you to merge and resample different 3D surveys into one single 3D survey. Several options available.

  • Merge and resample 3D surveys
  • New preview QC option
  • Unique tool inside Petrel

Petrel * is a mark of SLB

Blueback Toolbox_tools

Blueback Toolbox provides close to 100 tools to extend standard Petrel functionality across the geophysics, geology, geomodeling and reservoir engineering domains.

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