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Cegal Prizm – Python Tool Pro

Get even more value from your legacy data.

Enabling data science with Petrel

Python Tool Pro connects the world of Petrel with the world of Python. It allows you to express your creativity and run innovative Python operations and complex data science workflows against your Petrel data.

Discover Python Tool Pro

Allows geoscientists to apply complex machine learning algorithms and data science workflows against their Petrel* E&P software platform data. Benefit from a series of tools to visualize, manipulate, and distribute code.

Python Tool Pro is part of the modular Cegal Prizm data science solution. Use Python Tool Pro together with other Cegal Prizm modules to refract your data and generate insight and value.

Update Petrel domain objects instantly from your Python™ scripts, access powerful visualizations from Python libraries to contextualize workflows or create Python apps with a GUI for easy distribution.

Python Tool Pro connects directly into Petrel from any external Python installation. Using Cegal Hub you can run Python Tool Pro in a cross-network deployment or run your code from cloud solutions like Cegal Innovation Space or Google Colab. Multiple Petrel projects can be accessed programmatically to enhance your workflows

Blueback Python Tool Pro_Main

Python Tool Pro features

Taking G&G to the next level

Leverage the full power of Blueback Python Tool Pro and change how you work with data.

  • Break out from traditional application silos
  • Apply complex machine learning algorithms on your Petrel data
  • Ideal for progressive geoscientists
Integration with other Cegal Prizm modules

Refract your data and generate insight and value.

Enabling creativity and innovation

Benefit from a series of tools to visualize, manipulate, and distribute code.

  • Express your creativity
  • Utilize a wide range of Python libraries for powerful visualizations
  • Use innovative data science tools
Seamless integration with Petrel

Seamlessly integrate your Python workflows with Petrel.

  • Using Cegal Hub connect into Petrel from any Python environment
  • Local, hybrid or cloud deployment
  • Programmatic access to Petrel
Python Tool Pro documentation

Get all documentation related to Cegal Python Tool Pro.

Petrel * is a mark of Schlumberger
Python™ is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation
OSDU™ is a trademark of The Open Group

Blueback Python Tool Pro_API

Use the Python Tool Pro API to read and access Petrel domain objects.

Blueback Python Tool Pro_logs

Use standard Python libraries to visualize and manipulate Petrel data outside of Petrel.

Blueback Python Tool Pro_results

Dynamically write results generated with Python back to Petrel.

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Want to know more about Blueback Python Tool Pro? We are ready to help you get started.

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