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IT Health Check

Identify which critical areas could be improved, and how to get there.

Measure your current strengths and weaknesses

Get custom recommendations based on your existing IT health and state to help you realize your full potential.

You can only start improving when you know your current status quo. IT Health Check uses a standardized assessment covering eight key areas of IT to provide this initial baseline.

Assess 8 key IT areas. You get a score for each key area, which means the business is able to see your current state and how you compare to industry best practice. The IT areas covered are:

  • Application governance
  • Information security
  • Data governance
  • IT/Business suitability
  • IT processes
  • Strategy maturity and implementation
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Cost control

The assessment aims to give a high-level overview of maturity of each area. Deeper assessments on specific areas may be conducted as a result of findings and recommendations.

Based on assessment findings, customized recommendations are provided to guide you towards your individual IT maturity goals. You benefit from personalized and practical advice from expert consultants to help you bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Putting your IT management in control

Our goal is to help with practical down-to-earth improvements based on our extensive experience. IT Health Check enables the business and IT department to collaborate on providing the optimal business support for your organization through continuous improvement.

We combine established best practice with your IT maturity needs into a high-level ‘current state’ and ‘target state’ maturity assessment report. You receive customized improvement recommendations that can be used as a stepping stone towards the ideal maturity level for your business.

Our IT Health Check is available as a one-off assessment, or as a continual service utilizing an annual cycle.

The service consists of 3 steps:


IT Health Check features

Maturity assessment

Assess critical IT areas to capture your status quo and baseline maturity.

  • Identify strategic IT strengths
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Create a benchmark initial score
Personalized recommendations

Based on your results, our IT experts will provide customized recommendations to guide you in the right direction.

  • Expert advice based on your needs
  • Practical steps to deliver improvements
  • See how to realize your potential
Continuous improvement

Ongoing improvement is key to meeting targets, and being perfectly positioned to respond to future challenges.

  • Ensure planned implementations are progressing
  • Measure against expected results
  • Build competency for further growth
In-house strategic capabilities

Our IT Health Check helps you raise your IT team’s capabilities and profile within your organization.

  • Show IT as a value add, not a cost center
  • Build and deliver a strategic roadmap
  • Better align IT with business goals

Want to know more about IT Health Check? We are ready to help you get started.

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