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Oracle Tech Product Excellence

The Nordic region's largest competence center for Oracle.

Cegal is the Nordic region's largest competence center for Oracle

Our expertise makes it possible to turn complex IT solutions into digital success stories for our customers.

Since the beginning, Cegal has worked with demanding technology, especially with companies in the energy industry, and we have focused on Oracle technology.

Cegal invests heavily in ensuring that its employees have documented their Oracle competence. Today, the company has a total of 24 specializations and over 350 certifications. This makes Cegal the Nordic region's largest Oracle competence centre.

Although we are a competence center within Oracle, we see that our customers need someone who understands the interface between e.g. Oracle and Microsoft. Cegal was among the first consulting companies with expertise in both OCI and Microsoft Azure as well as Interconnect, which is Oracle and Microsoft's collaboration around their cloud platforms.


With our team of Oracle Experts, we provide reassurance for our customers that we have the expertise and experience required to turn complex IT challenges into successful customer stories. At the same time, our customers are sure that we are constantly updated on the latest technology from Oracle.


Simplified software licenses

We are experts in license management at Oracle.

Companies often struggle with software licenses and IT infrastructure. Existing licenses can be expensive and no longer fit for purpose, but transferring data to new platforms can be complicated and confusing. With cloud migration in addition, it can become even more problematic.


Our team of techxperts are experienced and reliable professionals who love working at the interface between your technical infrastructure and your ongoing license costs. We help you get the best possible value for money and give you advice and security for new investments.

Contact us here if you want to hear how we can assist your company with our Oracle competence.

Oracle Expert

Oracle values competence and satisfied customers. We also do that in Cegal. We have a strategic goal of being Scandinavia's best total supplier of Oracle technology and we strive to keep this. This means that we currently help more than 200 customers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden with Oracle services and products.

In addition to driving growth on Oracle Cloud, we are also adept at understanding and managing the technical and license-related integrations between Oracle and Azure (among others).

We have over 100 tech experts with Oracle expertise in multiple areas, including:

  • Oracle database and infrastructure, OCI, IaaS
  • Oracle Middleware and Integration, MW, PaaS
  • Business Insights, BI
  • Data warehouse, DWH
  • Analytics, AI/ML
  • PL/SQL
  • SQL
  • Oracle APEX low code

Analysis solutions in the cloud

With the help of Oracle Analytical Cloud (OAC) and Oracle's Autonomous services, you can now move your entire analysis solution to the cloud, be it ETL, data warehouse, reports, dashboards and self-service solutions as well as more modern analytical solutions with live data streaming, machine learning and artificial intelligence ( ML/AI). Your entire analytical portfolio can be moved to the cloud.

We have one of the leading environments in the Nordics in this domain area, we can e.g. assist in the following:

  • Configuration of the Sky components you need to realize your solution
  • Project support
  • Architecture and security
  • Defining your analytical target image
  • Migrate your existing BI solution.
  • Training of developers and administrators

Oracle Integration Cloud

With many cloud applications already in the cloud, in a future where even more appear to be running in the cloud - it is natural to look at how to do the integration in the cloud.

Cloud integration includes not only programs, but also the integration of local systems with the new cloud solutions, making software as a service (SaaS) essential for digital success.

Using the Oracle Integration Cloud Service, you can integrate your SaaS applications, the other solutions you develop on Oracle PaaS (Platform as a Service), another cloud, or your on-premise applications. Development, distribution and operation are carried out in an efficient and secure way with Oracle PaaS.

Read more about our service: Specialized monitoring and maintenance of business-critical databases and systems >

Oracle Integration Cloud contains the types of solutions you need to create integrations, processes and applications in a modern architecture:

  • Building integrations (Multiple types of integrations – declarative)
  • Building processes (Both structured and more unstructured processes)
  • Mobile and Web applications



Our competence

Software License Administration
We ensure security and value for money from your software licenses.

  • Data and program migration
  • Optimization of license costs


Outstanding technical knowledge
You can count on our team of techxperts to simplify even the most complex IT projects.

  • Cloud architecture and design
  • Configuration of cloud-based components
  • Documentation and training
Oracle Integration Cloud
Integrate your SaaS applications and on-premises applications in Oracle Cloud efficiently and securely using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). OIC makes it possible to develop

  • Integrations
  • Structured and unstructured processes
  • Mobile and web-based applications
Oracle competence
Cegal is an Oracle Platinum partner, and serves more than 200 Oracle customers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, where the goal is to be Scandinavia's best total supplier of Oracle technology.

  • Oracle database and infrastructure
  • Oracle middleware and integration
  • Business insight and analysis
  • Data warehouse

Oracle User Group Norway

What is Oracle User Group Norway?

It is a forum whose purpose is to exchange experience between users, and to spread Oracle-related knowledge. The forum is open to organizations that use Oracle products.

The group works to promote its members' interests vis-à-vis Oracle Norway, and in cooperation with the European Oracle User Group and the International Oracle User Group also vis-à-vis Oracle Corporation.


Cegal has been a partner in all years as an important supporter with participation in the board, organizer of Meetups and employees with awards from Oracle such as ACE and Developer Champions.

Read more about OUGN > 

Want to know more about Oracle Tech Product Excellence? We are ready to help you get started.

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