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Business Intelligence (BI)

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence (BI) is an IT tool (software) which collects and analyses information stored in your company's various computer systems. BI is usually connected to a data warehouse — a data hub which houses information retrieved from your company's business systems, other applications and possibly external sources too.

BI is used to improve corporate governance and provide a stronger basis for planning and future decisions. Oracle and Microsoft are amongst the largest suppliers of Business Intelligence solutions.

Cegal and Business Intelligence

At Cegal, we have around 30 consultants working daily on these types of deliveries, and projects with many large and small customers. We have experience from a variety of industries, and we mainly work with technologies from Oracle and Microsoft.

Our consultants work with data visualisation and the development of smart analytics, thus giving our customers the opportunity to make smarter and better decisions. The goal for many customers today is to become more data-driven. To do this, data must be collected, structured and stored on the right platforms, which can be either traditional structured relational data warehouses or big data solutions. The entire architecture for becoming a data-driven organisation can be placed in the cloud, and our consultants have broad experience of both building and moving solutions from on-premises to the cloud.

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