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Software testing

Test at the right level, at the right time and in a smart way.

Software testing

Our consultants know testing and test automation. Software testing is a way to assess the quality of the software and reduce the risk of software failures in operation.

Testing typically consists of the verification of requirements, user histories or other specifications: “Did we build the product correctly?” and/or validation of business goals: “Are we building the right product?”

In most project we use test automation as an integrated part of software development to ensure high test coverage, more frequent test execution and faster deliveries.  


Good documentation is invaluable in software development, and Cegal’s experience is that when we use good testing techniques, we get solid teamwork and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Cegal has a team of qualified, and certified, test consultants who have the knowledge and insights necessary to facilitate your transition from manual testing to an automated approach. 

Test automation

At Cegal, we use modern test automation whenever appropriate. 

We do this to:

  • Ensure high test quality
  • Secure quality documentation about the product
  • Avoid time-consuming manual processes

Test automation is one of many techniques used behind the scenes when creating software. It can happen at many levels, such as deeper down in the softwareas device tests, but also in the form of user interface testing (UI testing). It is important to identify what should be automated, as this should correspond with what is valuable to the customer 

UI test automation typically covers the most valuable scenarios first, and is then developed to represent multiple user scenarios. Once the test is stable, it can be automatically run and will quickly notify the team that the part in question is ready to ship on to development or launch (or not, as the case may be) 

Having tests that alert the team to the actual status of further development/launch is a way to build the foundation for good teamwork. As a customer, this means you are spared production problems because the developer team is fed a steady stream of information that prevents errors and instability.

Test automation can cover thousands of scenarios in minutes, as opposed to manual testing that often takes hours, days, and even weeks. 

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Work with data experts

Software test

We integrate test as part of system development to ensure quality and high test coverage to make sure that the systems creates business value.  

  • Test automation 
  • Test management 
  • Quality assurance 
IT - projects delivery

Our certified project managers ensure that complex IT projects or continuous deliveries succeed on agreed scope, quality and budget.  

  • We know how IT projects should be run 
  • We know preferred projects tools and methods  
  • We are reliable advisors from project idea to development and implementation 
End-to-end delivery

Our project managers and technical expertise can take the full responsibility for delivering on your business needs  

  • Software development and customization 
  • New or enhanced infrastructure 
  • Application- and data integration 

Want to know more about Software testing? We are ready to help you get started.


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