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Blueback Avary

Faster, intuitive geophysical insight and analysis.

Less data ops, more data interpretation

Increased effectiveness, speed and quality for seismic post stack processing workflows, developed in collaboration with Aker BP.

Optimize seismic processes

In order to estimate the risk factors when modeling a trap and the petroleum charge, geologists and geophysicists need to map the rocks in the reservoir and their properties in detail. These seismic processes typically demand many iterations per process and handling of multiple, large seismic volumes when calculating attributes derived from AVO theory.

Blueback Avary allows you to focus more on data interpretation and evaluation rather than handling heavy computational operations and transferring big data between software applications.

In collaboration with Aker BP, Blueback Avary has been developed to streamline and re-imagine this workflow into an interactive, dynamic experience in a single application.

Developed using Cegal’s Next-Gen software architecture Flows, Blueback Avary allows you to design highly customizable workflows and optimize seismic processes. All workflow components are interlinked, which allows for quick iteration and comparing of results across workflows.

With Blueback Avary, you can focus more on the interpretation and evaluation of the data than on the handling of countless computational operations and parameters.

Spectral Decomposition
ODiSI Inversion inside Avary
Sophisticated structural oriented denoising
High interactive denoising options
Advanced seismic conditioning tools
Interactively blend and QC multiple frequency products to investigate the best combinations before writing out the final frequency cubes.
ODiSI v4.0 will be available within Blueback Avary with new optimization ‘Finesse’ to extend the workflow through to interactive seismic inversion.
Blueback Avary uses a sophisticated multi window version of Discrete Scan and a refined 3D version of the Gradient Structural Tensor algorithm to derive the structures as a dip/azimuth tensors.
Different filter parameters can be tested interactively to preserve or enhance faults and amplitude discontinuities dependent on the seismic data quality or structural components.
Detailed evaluation and conditioning of partial angle stacks through unique interactive visualization.

Avary features and benefits

Speed up decision making

Avary adds in dynamic QC, in one application, to build trust and confidence before scaling up and processing full volumes of seismic data.

  • Enable more robust decisions
  • Immediately understand cause and effect
  • Greater confidence in processing full volumes
In-depth seismic data analysis

At the core of Avary is an intuitive graphical workflow builder so you can construct and monitor different seismic workflow scenarios at scale.

  • Analyze more seismic in less time
  • Understand parameter effects
  • On-demand computational power
In collaboration with Aker BP

Blueback Avary is the result of our strategic partnership with AkerBP to create one high-speed application for core geophysical prospect risking workflows.

  • Harmonize and optimize workflows
  • Next generation geoscience software – Flows
  • Built for the oil and gas industry
All in one architecture

Remove the need for your risking workflow to sit across multiple commercial software applications and additional internal software components.

  • High-speed, light-weight application
  • Considerable runtime savings
  • Increased speed and efficiency

Technical articles

ODiSI is now available in Cegal Blueback Avary

Blueback ODiSI, a one-dimensional stochastic inversion method, is now part of our new software Cegal Blueback Avary and gives the possibility to chain all processes end-to-end in a dynamic and interactive way.

Removing coherent noise in the seismic with Cegal Blueback Avary

Coherent noise in the form of stripes can greatly affect the quality of data and it is not easy to remove. Cegal Blueback Avary offers innovative ways to handle this problem effectively.

Novel approach to data handling in spectral decomposition with Cegal Blueback Avary

Spectral decomposition is an effective technique to highlight subtle geological features. Calculating and combining a large number of possible volumes has always been a burden - now greatly simplified thanks to the new architecture in Cegal Blueback Avary.

Denoising seismic data in Cegal Blueback Avary

Denoising seismic data in Cegal Blueback Avary is a dynamic and interactive methodology to apply advanced techniques for filtering seismic noise.

- Avary changes the way we work

For Aker BP, Blueback Avary enables geologists, and geophysicists to achieve the highest quality geophysical understanding, analysis and insight faster than ever before. Avary allows you to elevate the quality and cadence of your business decisions. 

Watch the video, and hear what Aker BP tells about Avery.

Webinar on demand

Blueback Avary has been designed to target heavy data, heavy compute, cross-application and long run time geophysical workflow components.

Watch the webinar to learn more.

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Avary changes the way we work


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