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Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing

A multi-channel platform for distributing invoices and documents.

Flexible payments platform

Modernize your invoicing process with Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing.

Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing is a multi-channel platform for distributing invoices and documents. It gives you access to the most widely used forms of payment in the Nordic market at any given time, and integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems.

With Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing you have total flexibility when choosing invoicing and payment forms. This flexibility can be passed on to your end customer, who can then choose between various invoice and payment options.

Giving your customers their choice of paper invoices, eInvoicing or Vipps, means you increase both customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they pay on time.

Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing can be implemented as a standalone solution together with your company’s existing IT systems, or as an integrated module in the Cegal Connected Energy Hub.

All payment options offered

Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing monitors which distribution and payment channels exist in the market at any given time. We conduct this monitoring with what we call “payment radar.” It continuously monitors all existing channels, and as soon as a channel is defined as “mature” it is adopted into the Multi Channel Invoice platform and made available to our customers, without the need for any additional development on their end.

This means that all established payment options currently available in the market can be found on our platform: Vipps, direct debit, B2C eInvoicing, B2B eInvoicing (EHF), e-mail, chatbots, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and more.

Please contact us for a complete list of the distribution and payment channels we support.


Because Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing also enjoys scale advantages when it comes to print and postage, even a company that only wants to send paper invoices through the mail will save large sums by transitioning to our solution.

Choosing a platform that is modern and forward-thinking simultaneously lays the foundation for transitioning to other payment solutions in the future.

Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing works optimally with other IT systems, further contributing to cost reduction.

Enables international billing

Cegal Multi Channel Invoice covers not only distribution and payment channels in Norway, but also Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the UK. For companies that conduct business in multiple countries, the same platform can be configured to send cross-border invoices via the channel used in a particular country.

Contact us for a coverage map showing the channels and the countries that the solution supports.

Why switch to Multi Channel Invoicing?

One solution
  • Latest technology on the market
  • For all your invoice distribution needs
  • Less administration
  • Easily add business rules
  • Add dynamic fields
  • Helps you fine-tune your distribution
Cost reduction
  • Fixed implementation cost
  • Ensures no unforeseen costs
  • Lower cost on postal/print distribution
  • Speeds up digitalization
  • Digital communication with customers
  • New channels are automatically added

Want to know more about Cegal Multi Channel Invoice? We are ready to help you get started.

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