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What is AvtaleGiro?

AvtaleGiro is a Norwegian payment service for the automatic payment of regular bills.

Businesses that use AvtaleGiro are able to collect payments more efficiently and have a better basis for cash flow management, as demands will be paid faster and more predictably. To start using AvtaleGiro, companies must enter into an agreement with a bank.

For consumers, AvtaleGiro means that the bank will ensure that bills are paid directly from the account on the due date. Consumers can choose whether they want to receive notification from the bank before the money is withdrawn from their account.

Many consumers also want to use a combination of AvtaleGiro and eFaktura (eInvoice) when paying bills. With this system, eFaktura is simply sent to the online banking system as information with invoicing details, while the amount is automatically debited from the account on the due date via AvtaleGiro.

Finance Norway regulates AvtaleGiro, but the service is administered and operated by Mastercard Payment Services on behalf of the banks.

Cegal and AvtaleGiro

Through the Cegal Multi Channel Invoice solution, AvtaleGiro is offered as one of many standard delivery channels for invoices. The multichannel platform has ready made integrations for the most widely used payment channels across the Nordic region, and also offers a range of tools for further tailoring of invoice delivery.

Today, Cegal Multi Channel Invoice is used by many customers for all or part of their invoice distribution process.

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