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eInvoice B2B

What is eFaktura (eInvoice) B2B?

eFaktura B2B (Business – Business) enables companies to send electronic invoices to their customers and suppliers. The Norwegian standard for exchanging electronic invoices is based on the European system, PEPPOL (Pan-European Procurement Online). This is a network of access points for sending electronic invoices across national borders.

Access points work much like a post office, with you choosing the access point you want to use. Through the chosen access point, a connection is established with the PEPPOL network, enabling invoices to be sent and received to everyone else associated with the infrastructure.

Using eFaktura B2B makes invoice handling more efficient and offers substantial savings compared with paper invoicing. For suppliers who are unable to send invoices electronically, it can be combined with paper-based invoice scanning, which enables paper invoices to be digitised.

For small and medium enterprises, many banks offer web invoices. This is a solution which is integrated into online banking. This makes it possible to create and send invoices without major customisations. Similarly for those wishing to receive a single invoice, a click&pay solution can be offered which enables companies to receive and pay invoices directly via their online banking.

For companies, there are many advantages to using eInvoice B2B:

  • Save time – by sending out invoices electronically
  • Receive payment by the payment deadline – eFaktura increases the likelihood of receiving payment
  • Cost-saving – Saves money by cutting postage
  • Saves the environment – by not using paper when sending invoices
Cegal and eFaktura B2B

Through Multi Channel Invoice solution, eFaktura B2B is offered as the default delivery channel for invoices. The multichannel platform has readymade integrations for the most widely used payment channels across the Nordic region, and also offers a range of tools for further tailoring of invoice delivery. Today, our Multi Channel Invoice is used by many customers for all or part of their invoice distribution process.

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