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What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), also known as a financial system, is the term that is used to refer to software that handles many of a company's business processes. ERP is not necessarily a single product, but a suite of programs that talk to each other.

It is also quite common to refer to simpler systems which only deal with orders, warehouses and accounts as ERP systems. The accounting software is often fully integrated with a document centre, which handles the checking and approval of incoming invoices. The payroll system is often linked to a travel expenses management system, which handles expense reimbursements, subsistence and allowances concerning business travel. Visma Business and Power Office Go are examples of ERP systems that are used by SYSCO's customers.

Cegal and ERP

Cegal has developed ePortal, which is a set of tools which ensure the efficient flow of information between administrative systems and the ERP system. ePortal is a total solution to financial management for the energy industry, which boosts both productivity and efficiency. ePortal is used in both the energy and water and wastewater industries. The ERP systems that are used in ePortal are integrated with a time recording system, facility register, work order system, customer information system, payroll and expense management system, invoice distribution, banking, and payment services. Today, Cegal has integrations for the ERP systems Visma Business and Power Office Go. The products  Connected Energi Hub and  Multi Channel Invoice (invoice distribution) will also be integrated with the ERP system.

Changes in the permitted revenue framework are forcing the energy companies to become more efficient. As a result, many energy companies are seeking solutions that contribute to more efficient work processes. ePortal ensures the quality of the input data. All data is entered once only and can be used in all processes. You do not have to spend time manually recording data in different systems, avoiding duplication. The foundations of the ePortal solution are formed by Visma Business, Visma Document Center and Visma Payroll, but it is our proprietary modules that make the solution so unique. Through specific integrations, data flows seamlessly between the various applications, so that the user sees relevant information in their interface.

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