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Consultancy: Projects

Delivering value from planning to execution and handover.

Cross-disciplinary approach

Benefit from our knowledge and experience across technology, business, and energy.

When we use the word ‘project’ in this context, we define it as a temporary organization established for fulfilling your company’s business goals.
This is where consultancy from Cegal can deliver measurable benefits to your company. Our multiskilled experience and expertise adds value across every stage of your project, from planning to execution and beyond. At the final handover to your organization, you can be assured of successful delivery.

Our project execution capability builds on a cross-disciplinary approach, combining competency across technology, business, and energy. We believe this is key to delivering the best possible business outcome for you.

The range of projects we take on is broad, but we can typically categorize them in three buckets.


We ensure your people are fully informed and trained on how to leverage the best possible project outcome.


We are proven IT experts, whether that’s developing or implementing new or enhanced software, installing or upgrading your infrastructure, connecting applications or any other systems requirements.


We ensure your systems and your organization are aligned, and help with adaptation when needed.

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