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Cetegra Customer Care

Global, round-the-clock support.

World-class service when you need it

We take pride in the support we provide around the world.

Expert help is at hand

Our aim is to help you maximize the business value you get from your technology. As part of that, we put passion into delivering world-class service to our customers worldwide.

We focus on delivering customer service that makes a lasting impression. This is more than how we interact with you – we firmly believe that it’s a result of the efforts of highly engaged employees combined with good customer relations.

We will provide you with a consistent outstanding customer experience; reliable, efficient, and with high quality. Local expertise will always have the necessary skills and experience when assisting our customers in different regions.

Key features

Tailored services

We offer personalized support and guidance throughout your digitalization journey, including:

  • Cetegra implementation
  • Cloud architecture
  • Data management
  • Cloud transformation

Our training programs ensure your people get up to speed with Cetegra and realize its full potential.

  • Webinars and workshops
  • Internal deployment
  • Organizational deployment
Maximizing productivity

We offer solutions and features to help your people maximize productivity from Cetegra, including:

Implementation services

We support with integration of your proprietary tools and workflows, including:

  • Operational technology
  • Geology and geophysics
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Data management
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