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The Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU®)

Creating innovative applications for the subsurface through The Open Group OSDU® Forum.

The OSDU® Data Platform (OSDU)

The Open Group OSDU® Forum provides a vendor-neutral environment for the development of open data applications.

Accelerating digital transformation

The OSDU® Data Platform (OSDU®) is a cross-company data platform for the oil and gas industry. It provides an open solution where workflows can be developed without data being stored into silos, enabling E&P companies to bring together all data in one centralized cloud solution.

As a trusted globalization partner for oil and gas, and energy industries, Cegal is a member of The Open Group OSD® Forum and develops products and services for the platform, drawing on decades of experience with delivering innovative technology and digital solutions for the E&P industry.

Key benefits

Flexible and collaborative solution

Easy-to-use platform that integrates with all data platforms, cloud solutions and applications, and enables free flow of data.

  • Remove operational silos
  • Ensure interoperability between applications, platforms and vendors
  • Accelerate data integration
Data management and information security

Enhanced management of data and secure storage in certified data centers empowers cross-domain collaboration.

  • Preserve data integrity
  • Safeguard company data


Full integration with the Cetegra ecosystem

Cetegra is an agile and innovative workspace for optimal collaboration and reliable decision making.

  • Technology- and vendor-agnostic approach
  • Full support of both public and private clouds
  • Dedicated innovation space to reduce time to deployment


OSDU™ is a trademark of The Open Group

Want to know more about OSDU data platform? We are ready to help you get started.

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