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Central Integration Platform

A flexible solution designed to customize integrations between professional systems and services.

Cegal Central Integration Platform

Helps our customers to customize integrations between professional systems and services.

Central Integration Platform helps our customers to customize integrations between professional systems and services. The inspiration for the development of this solution is the fact that many companies now have more and more systems that need to communicate with each other.

The transactions between all these systems move in every direction, and it can be easy to lose track of them. Small changes in one system can create complex problems for other systems with which they communicate. Simply put, the primary goal of our solution is a simpler and more efficient workday for our customers.

Central Integration Platform is easy to deploy. The solution can either be run in the cloud or on-prem (on the customer’s premises). It can monitor the transaction flow and automatically notify the customer of any discrepancies via e-mail and/or SMS. 

Because it uses Kubernetes technology, the solution is easily scalable and easy to deploy across clouds and on-prem.

The Central Integration Platform is written in GO and Spring Boot. This means that it is both “Multi tenant” and “Multi Cloud.” As a result, the solution is cloud-independent; you don’t need a separate cloud to start using it.

Advantages of the solution

Receives and delivers transactions in multiple formats

As of now, we retrieve files, SOAP APIs and Rest APIs.

  • Transactions can be forwarded unprocessed
  • Transactions can be converted to the format that the subject system expects to receive.
You can withhold or bypass transactions

Vi har alle opplevd at fagsystemer eller tjenester får planlagt og uventet nedetid.

  • Hold transactions during downtime
  • Easily bypass messages that have been tried to be sent - both synchronous and asynchronous transactions

SMS and e-mail notifications

The Central Integration Platform is set up to store responses from the telecom operator, such as the fact that a cell phone number is no longer in service. This data can be forwarded to you.

  • Handle the sending of SMS messages/e-mails to customers.
  • The Central Integration Platform can create SMS messages/e-mails and send them to contact persons when the solution detects a discrepancy you want to know about.

State Engine

The service has a built-in “State Engine” that handles all transactions

Central Integration Platform has a built-in “State Engine” that handles all transactions, thus ensuring that the solution has a good way of safeguarding the transactions – and that they don’t get lost.

The solution can monitor synchronous and asynchronous transactions. When the solution communicates with other services, certificates are needed to authorize who we are and who we’re working for. This monitoring means that our customers will be notified well in advance of the expiration date of these certificates.



Generic and custom-made solutions

The Central Integration Platform offers both solutions and custom-made ones adapted to the wishes of our customers. The following generic solutions are available:


Here we also have CSP (acts as a physical sender on behalf of the customer)


Bring Posten
Download valid postal codes and changes.


The Brønnøysund Register Centre
Collect and monitor companies’ corporate registration numbers.


The Central Population Register (DSF)
Collect and subscribe to changes to personal data associated with your customer systems.


SMS messages
Handle individual and bulk SMS messages on behalf of the customer.


Handle the sending of e-mails, with and without attachments.

Connected to the Norwegian Mapping Authority; receive changes to property data.


Used when digital signature or authorization is required.


Tools used by grid companies to register new installations or update existing ones.


Obtains hourly/weekly/monthly prices in the price ranges in which Nordpool operates.


StormGeo/Nena Analysis
Retrieves precipitation and temperature forecasts in the areas for which the customer wishes to receive a weather forecast.

Want to know more about Central Integration Platform? We are ready to help you get started.

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