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What is On-premises?

‘On-Premises’ (“on-prem” or “on-premise”) means that local software is installed and runs on computers in your company's own IT environment. From your company's offices, you can choose whether to manage and maintain servers, etc., or whether an external IT provider should be responsible for this. This is used instead of an external facility, such as a server farm or cloud solution.

With an on-premises solution, the company takes responsibility for operating/maintaining hardware, networks, upgrading of firmware/basic software, power, location, physical security, prerequisites for scaling, etc. The direct costs associated with this will then also directly accrue to the business: rent, electricity, purchase of materials/hardware, installation, related licences and personnel, etc.

As regards maintenance and operation, the unit that uses the local software is also responsible for solutions linked to the backup and storage of software data. This gives you control over your own data and security.

On-premises software has been dominant until now, but the IT industry is undergoing a transformation where traditional on-premises solutions are being replaced by new, modern cloud solutions. Cloud computing is changing the way businesses manage their IT systems and offers a completely different level of flexibility in terms of new functionality, integration, scalability, security and finance.

Cegal and On-premises

Since it was founded in 2004, Cegal has worked with challenging technology, particularly with companies in the power and energy sector. From the outset, Cegal has focused on Oracle technology. In other words, we have plenty of experience and expertise concerning what are now referred to as ‘legacy systems’ (legacy IT systems running on dedicated servers – ‘on-prem’). We also possess broad expertise relating to modern cloud technology, helping many customers with their cloud journey.

Cegal has invested heavily in ensuring that its employees are able to document their Oracle expertise. Today, the company has a total of 24 specialisations and over 350 certifications. This makes Cegal the largest centre of expertise for Oracle in the Nordic region.

Cegal is a Microsoft Managed Partner for the energy sector, and a Microsoft Cloud Service provider and Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner. We have extensive expertise concerning the Azure platform and work purposefully with Microsoft and our customers every day concerning solutions relating to the smart use of data.