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Digital advisory & business consultants

Smart data and IT migration by technical experts.

Operator readiness

Future-proof your data and IT following M&A activities with Cegal’s industrial strength framework and methodology.

Deep technical knowledge

Cegal’s digital advisory and business consultants solution takes care of the entire procurement, change management, and migration of your IT applications and data following a major M&A activity.

Whether your M&A is the acquisition of an asset (carve-out) or an entire company, we have a framework and methodology for setting up a program to lead the various delivery streams necessary to meet critical milestones.

You benefit from our vast experience and deep technical knowledge when it comes to aligning digital and IT needs with your business goals. Risk-based prioritization and cost benefits are central drivers to the successful execution of our programs.

Full responsibility for successful delivery

When companies merge there are often questions around IT responsibilities. Relying on the existing company to manage IT integration can cause costly delays due to pre-merger responsibilities.

Should the buying entity take responsibility it may result in expensive consultants who are only tasked with certain aspects of the transition. In addition to prohibitive costs this approach can also cause confusion and a lack of ownership.

Cegal solves these problems by taking full responsibility across all areas of IT and data migration. From building an inventory of all target applications through to creating value from data with dashboards and reporting tools, our combination of IT skills and unrivaled experience makes the transition smooth and friction-free.

Key features

Focused delivery

You can trust Cegal to identify and act on the activities that are most important to a successful program.

  • Prioritization of business critical actions
  • Clear timeline for all activities
  • Transparent reporting on progress throughout
Risk reduction

There are many uncertainties when it comes to IT transitions, but our experts will spot and mitigate risk at all stages.

  • Friction-free transition to IT governance
  • Simplifying configurations
  • We take ownership of project delivery and success
Continuous improvement

We deliver uninterrupted service and operational continuity, offering wide-ranging benefits for continuous improvement.

  • Improved vendor contracts
  • Removal of redundant applications
  • Ensuring user adoption
Technical expertise

Or scalable and flexible service delivery gives you access to technical and business experts in key areas.

  • Application rationalization
  • Agnostic contract and vendor management
  • Data migration via a data hub

Want to know more about Digital advisory & Business Consultancy? We are ready to help you get started.

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