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Renewable energy

A next-generation technology company that makes a sustainable future possible.

A global technology company specializing in renewable energy

The key to success
Renewable energy is simply energy sources that we do not run out of - such as e.g. solar energy, water and wind power. This type of resource is far more sustainable than fossil energy sources such as oil, gas and coal.

Modern, cloud-based technology that simplifies complex IT solutions is the key to success. Cegal has extensive experience with digitalization and modernization with customers in all parts of the energy industry.

With the requirements and deadlines becoming shorter, a case manager/operator has to handle more data in a shorter time, and some of today's routines become too manual.

Cegal has good expertise in renewable energy and we have many consultants who have worked with complex issues, and have simplified and made our customers' everyday lives more efficient.

We solve your needs and challenges
We get involved, and understanding the customer's challenges and needs. Among other things, we have streamlined the registration of new customers by using credit assessment.

By automating credit assessment and monitoring of customers, we have reduced the financial risk for the company, plus streamlined the day-to-day work of the case managers.

We have in-depth knowledge of:

  • Acquisition of cadastral data
  • MAFI
  • Structure of tariffs for electricity suppliers, grid owners and electricity producers
  • Time resolution of measurement values
  • Collection of measurement values
  • Elhub
  • Technical infrastructure
  • EDI server
  • Credit assessment

Cadastral data

We have extensive expertise in obtaining cadastral data from the mapping authority. They take care to ensure that the correct systems receive the correct information in the event of changes. You can call it "cleansing" of data to achieve/ ensure better data quality for property information data.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority is the master for property information. To cover and have updated cadastral data at all times in all applications and systems that use this data. Here we have ready-made integrations that can be easily put into use. 



Measurement, Invoicing, Billing, and Collection. (MAFI in Norwegian) This is a term used in connection with the power grid companies' invoicing of grid fees and electricity consumption.

Our consultants have good insight into all the steps in the MAFI chain and have worked extensively with, among other things:

  • Metering - Simplifying the process of monitoring missing meter values
  • Consumption billing - Streamlining the monitoring of larger customer bases
  • Invoicing of consumption - Streamlining the process from when an invoice is created to when it is sent to the end user
  • Payment of invoices - Monitoring and streamlining payment files
  • Invoice collection - Simplifying processes related to unpaid invoices.


We have consultants who are skilled and knowledgeable in the development of tariffs for electricity suppliers, grid owners, and power producers.

Some tariffs that have been created include, for example, grid owners:

  • Power tariff - This is a tariff type that grid owners use against most end-users today.
  • Maximum tariff  - A tariff calculation used against end-users with high consumption.
  • Plus customers - This includes, for example, end-users with solar panels. And they supply electricity to the grid when they produce more than they consume.

Efficient process for collecting meter readings

At Cegal, we have experience and expertise in collecting meter readings, and we work with the process flow in Valider, Kamstrup/EMS10, and more.

For processing collected meter readings, we use MDMS/MDM systems.

Our core areas and modules we have worked with include:

  • Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE)
  • Import/export
  • Balance settlement
  • Calculation
  • Automating setup of new metering points and components
  • Shipment files for measuring components (files for mass registration of new measuring components)

We also have good knowledge of submetering, such as:

  • water meters
  • energy meters

We have worked on the summation of these meters, which should equal zero against the main meter.


Elhub - the central IT system for the power market

Elhub is one of the central IT systems for the power market in Norway and is the power industry's common data hub. All data from the various power meters across the country is collected in a common system. Elhub is designed to make it easier for customers, grid companies, and power suppliers to report consumption and detect problems in the power grid.

At Cegal, we have consultants with expertise in Elhub. We have been involved in developing Elhub since its inception and are now also involved in management and further development. Since autumn 2020, Cegal and Basefarm have had the main responsibility for operating, monitoring, and securing the IT service Elhub.

Read the article: Cegal in a key role as Elhub moves home >

Over the years, we have acquired knowledge in the following actors and roles:

  • Grid company
    • Meter data collector
    • Meter data responsible
    • Grid company
    • Balance responsible
    • Power supplier for grid loss
  • Supplier obligation
  • Power supplier
  • Third party

In addition, we have knowledge of legislation and processes related to metering data to and from Elhub. The processes we have worked extensively with are as follows:

  • Submitting meter readings
  • Receiving meter readings
  • Balance settlement
  • Deviation settlement
    • APAM (Profile-read metering point)
    • ATAM (Time-read metering point)

Regarding Elhub's market processes, we have a good understanding of all message types as well as the legislation surrounding these processes. This applies to all actor roles related to Elhub.

Message exchange for meter readings
Although Elhub has the largest amount of messages, there are still some messages that must be sent in an older format to other actors. Such as parts of production planning that are sent to Statnett.

To control such messages, an EDI server is used. Here, we have streamlined the use by having full control over traffic monitoring and automating file transfers using alarms.

We keep up with industry developments and take note when new formats replace the old ones.


Real-time operation for power grid and production with SCADA

SCADA stands for "Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition" and is a system with software and hardware elements.

This system is critical for many companies as it helps maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help reduce downtime.

When it comes to real-time operation for power grid and production, we have a lot of expertise in SCADA.

Here, we work to automate/ streamline processes for our customers. Some of the things we have contributed to include:

  • Automatically sending SMS to end-users in the event of a power outage.

  • Automatically sending SMS to affected customers during planned power outages.
  • Streamlining the use of data collected by SCADA.

  • Extensive knowledge of the regulations that affect the ICT infrastructure for SCADA.

Our consultants have worked extensively to streamline security cards in the SCADA module. This allows power grid operators/production companies to easily keep track of which installers have rightful access to the facilities. This solution communicates with sikkerhetskort.no

Integrations between systems

One of our strengths is integrations between different systems and formats. We see a great effect and benefit for our customers by automating the data flow between systems.

Cegal has great expertise in using SOAP API, REST API, JSON, and files, to mention some formats we have used to achieve an efficient integration flow.

Central Integration Platform (CIP) is such a solution that helps you as a customer to adapt integrations between specialist systems and services. The solution is developed based on the fact that many companies have an increasing number of systems that need to communicate with each other.

CIP allows the customer to connect directly to the solution without installing any new software, also known as a SaaS solution.

For critical transactions that the customer has, monitoring with notification can be added according to the customer's needs. CIP has the complex connections to third parties and has 24/7 monitoring of the solution. The main goal of the solution is simply to provide a simpler and more efficient everyday life for our customers. Many companies, also outside the energy industry, use it.


Read more about Central Integration Platform her >


Distribution network operator

We have consultants who have worked extensively on tasks related to distribution network operators, which may result in messages to Elhub or indirectly affect the MAFI process.

Here are some of the processes and infrastructure our consultants have worked extensively on:

  • Meters
    • Consumption meters
    • Plus customers
    • Transformer meters
    • High-voltage meters
    • Antennas

For distribution network operators to have an efficient workday, it is important to have automated handling of work orders, such as:

  • Installation of new meters and any current and voltage transformers
  • Replacement of meters and any current and voltage transformers 
  • Removal of meters and any current and voltage transformers
  • Closure of measuring points
  • Image processing - Images taken during work and associated with the completed work orders. They are linked to a measuring point and stored on a server.
  • Installation/maintenance of line components.


Success Stories

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