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Renewable energy

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is quite simply energy sources which we cannot run out of, e.g. solar, hydro and wind power. In Norway, power from hydropower plants predominates, while wind power also has considerable potential. Such resources are far more sustainable than fossil energy sources, such as oil, gas and coal.

The production of renewable energy results in little or no greenhouse gas emissions, and it will therefore be necessary to make greater use of renewable sources if the world is to achieve its climate targets. There is broad agreement that it will be important to invest in renewable energy sources in the future. In 2020, 20% of energy consumed in the EU will be renewable, and individual targets have been set for each EU Member State’s share. The directive also applies to the EEA, and therefore Norway as well.

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Cegal and Renewable Energy

As a supplier to the energy industry, Cegal works closely with many customers with a strong focus on renewable energy. We are also committed to saving the environment by using renewable energy ourselves.  

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