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What is Elhub?

Elhub is the Norwegian power industry's common data hub, where all data from electricity meters across the country is collected in a common system. The aim of Elhub is to make it easier for customers, grid companies and power suppliers to report electricity consumption and detect problems in the distribution grid.

In practice, Elhub is a central IT system which was launched in February 2019 and streamlines the power market in Norway. Over time, the power industry has become increasingly digital, and in response to this, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) decided that Statnett should develop Elhub.  

Elhub is a neutral data hub which handles all meter data and market processes in the Norwegian power market. Through standardised messaging interfaces, all market participants relate to a single party. Elhub accepts and processes incoming messages, and then generates messages which are then distributed to the submitter and relevant parties. In accordance with specific validation rules, market participants thus receive information about supplier switches, changes to master data, and meter readings concerning electricity production and consumption in Norway.

Find out more on Elhub's website here >

Elhub has two main functions:

  1. Continuous submission of meter readings and calculations:

    Elhub supports the distribution and aggregation of meter readings for all consumption and production in Norway. The grid companies are tasked with submitting all hourly readings to Elhub, and Elhub then passes on the readings to the relevant power suppliers, third parties and end users.

Elhub also calculates the basis for the balance settlement, which is the financial settlement in the regulating power market, and then reports the resulting settlement to eSett.  

Elhub has also been given responsibility for reporting consumption and production to NECS, which is Statnett's register for electricity certificates and guarantees of origin. Production is reported daily, while quota-regulated consumption is reported quarterly.

  1. Continuous processing of market processes:

    Prior to the launch of Elhub, all players in the Norwegian power market were dependent on each other in order to carry out market processes, such as supplier switches, inward and outward migration, and updates to master data. All messages must now be sent directly to the data hub, which is tasked with verifying and responding to the messages and forwarding accurate information to the relevant players.
Cegal and Elhub 

Cegal has been involved in the development of Elhub from the start, and is now also involved in its administration and further development. As of autumn 2020, Cegal and Basefarm have primary responsibility for operating, monitoring and securing the IT service Elhub. The agreement is valid for five years and is the largest IT agreement in the Norwegian power market. We have been delivering IT solutions to the energy industry for decades, and have also been providing consultancy services to Statnett, which owns Elhub, for many years.