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Specialized Monitoring & Maintenance

24/7 monitoring of all your business-critical systems.

Secure, cost-effective optimization

Cegal’s super skilled techxperts monitor and maintain your essential IT, so you can focus on what you do best.

You need your critical systems fully operational and optimized at all times. But that’s often resource-intensive and expensive, with qualified IT personnel required to be on hand around the clock.

Cegal’s Specialized Monitoring & Maintenance Services give you the assurance of secure, scalable, and cost-effective support. We take responsibility for the ongoing care of your middleware and database systems, 24/7, so you can allocate your resources to driving better and faster business growth.

As a result, your business is more agile, has greater operational security, and has regular, predictable costs every month.

Hubro Site Reliability

Cegal provides Site Reliability as a Service, where we operate your complete infrastructure underlying your application.

Database Services

Cegal provides services for monitoring various database technologies such as Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. We monitor on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid operating environments.

Want to know more about specialized monitoring & maintenance? We are ready to help you get started.