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Data Science: Prizm

Customize the solution you need to enable your innovation.

Secure, modular Python components

Securely connect data and applications in real time across networks.

Cegal Prizm is a modular solution that is designed to allow easy integration of data from different geo-applications, data sources and platforms into a Python™ environment.

The modules allow you to combine geo-data sources for advanced analysis, visualization, data-science workflows, and machine learning techniques. You can begin to solve problems that were not previously possible with legacy applications.

Integrate modern Python technologies to extend, accelerate and augment standard workflows. Create and securely distribute customized code, services and technology to a user community for consumption.

Connect into the E&P software platform Petrel*, OSDU®, and other third-party applications and domains to access and retrieve energy data. Seamlessly transfer data locally or across hybrid and cloud deployments to a common Python environment to generate more insight and value.

Prizm allows you to enrich datasets with additional application meta-data to add more value and context to your analysis. It provides easy-to-use, out-of-the-box, geo-scientific plotting capability to allow you to spend more time analyzing data than building complex plots.

Be more creative and generate more insight from your geoscience data.

Cegal Prizm – Python Tool Pro

Fully connect the world of Petrel and Python, including advanced AI/MI workflows and connectivity to remote Python environments.

Cegal Prizm – Investigator

Cegal Prizm Investigator provides access to Blueback Investigations and standardized geo-technical plotting in Python, to optimize visualizations and speed up collaboration and analysis.

Cegal Prizm - Cegal Innovation Space

A scalable, collaborative Jupyter Lab environment, configured and provisioned by Cegal, to experiment with code and data.

Data science consultancy

A team of highly skilled geoscientists can help you research, develop and deploy Python-based innovation and provide bespoke training.

Cegal Prizm Documentation

Get all documentation related to Cegal Prizm

Petrel * is a mark of SLB
Python™ is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation
OSDU® is a trademark of The Open Group

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