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What is Geoscience ?

Geoscience is a collective term for science and research related to the Earth, and is part of planetary sciences – the study of the planets, moons and planetary systems in the atmosphere. The science is about the physical, chemical and biological links to the Earth's four spheres, namely the biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and geosphere. 

The geosciences include disciplines such as: 

  • Geology 
  • Geophysics 


The word geology comes from the Greek words geo (earth) and logi (study of). Geology is thus the study of the Earth — how it is built up and how it develops.  

A geologist examines the properties of minerals, rocks and fossils that make up the Earth to form knowledge about how they have been created and how they affect our Earth.  


Geophysics denotes the use of mathematics, physics, programming, and modeling to study the structure and processes of the Earth.  

A geophysicist uses methods such as seismic, gravity and magnetism to describe the subsurface and the earth's interior.  

Geosciences and petroleum 

Petroleum geology is the study of the origin, occurrence, movement, accumulation, and exploitation of hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas). Petroleum Geoscience is the collective term used for the application of geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering in the pursuit of exploration and production of hydrocarbons.   

Cegal and Geosciences 

Cegal have a long track record of developing industry-leading software technologies for utilization within geoscience workflows and particularly, petroleum geology. The Cegal product portfolio spans the geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering domains as well as data Management and data Science. This includes products that range from utility tools to advanced seismic inversion algorithms that ensure that customers extract the greatest value from their data, in the most efficient manner. 


Based on our geoscience expertise, we have developed industry-leading technologies and software within petroleum geology. From cross-domain, contextualized data analysis through Blueback Investigator to utility tools within Blueback Geology Toolbox and Blueback Unconventional Toolbox to advanced mathematical modelling in Blueback Rock Physics. 



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