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What is Cetegra?

Cetegra is a secure and vendor-neutral cloud-based platform, designed to ensure integration of legacy and modern systems, applications, services and data.  Leveraging the power of cloud computing and Desktop-as-a-Service, Cetegra provides end-users with a unified and harmonized experience. The platform scales and allows organizations to quickly adapt to fast-paced changing business conditions. Delivered through a flexible Pay-as-you-go model, Cetegra supports both small groups and large enterprise businesses.  

Cetegra can securely be deployed on-premises, in the public cloud, or through a hybrid set-up combining both, adapting to current business needs and company configuration, and enabling local deployment with global scalability. Cetegra also encompasses a wide range of tools to administrate, manage and support users, groups, devices, applications and more, empowering end-users while reducing the IT overhead.  

Data access, applications portfolio and digital systems are fully harmonized and integrated. The Cetegra approach liberates organizations from existing vendor lock-in whilst preserving data and applications integrity in a 100% secure environment. Cetegra also allows end-users to work from anywhere, regardless of the device they use.

Cegal and Cetegra

Cegal have been providing customers with cloud technology for more than 20 years. In addition, we have been delivering consultancy and expert industry software to help customers achieve their objectives faster, with high precision and reduced cost. Ten years down the road, Cegal together with customers, saw an increasing need for a specialized cloud platform for oil and gas companies. A platform that could balance the incredible performance requirement with scalability, cost efficiency and the collaborative requirements that companies were facing. 

Cetegra – the perfect platform for the digital transformation of the energy industry

Energy companies are now facing a major transformation, where companies are delivering a wider set of services, a market which is in constant change and an increasing demand for energy. As such Cetegra was born, to face the fast-paced challenges and to establish a vendor neutral eco system of modern technology. Together we can faster provide value, support the green transformation, and secure the energy supply for tomorrow. 

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