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Application integration

What is Application integration?

Application integration is the process of enabling independently designed applications to work together. It is necessary to know which systems are the master for each data. Based on this, integrations will flow so that all applications which share data are updated. If readymade integrations are available, then it is an advantage to use them.

If no readymade integrations are available, it will be necessary to find the best possible solution. If an integration platform with readymade adapters is available, it is one way of obtaining a good and fast solution - with a high degree of flexibility. If such a platform does not exist, APIs are the preferred way of solving this – and you are then free to choose how it should be solved.

Cegal and Application integration

We have experience of solving integrations on integration platforms for both Microsoft (Azure) and Oracle. We also have experience of Open Source solutions based on Java (Kafka and Camel), along with solutions based on Azure/.NET. We also have experience of process integration, such as Business Process Model and Notation. (BPMN)