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What is .NET?

First and foremost, .NET is written in uppercase letters, even though the logo is in lowercase and pronounced dot net. .NET (.NET Framework) is a suite of technologies relating to software development from Microsoft which was first launched in 2002. The platform has now become one of the most widely used development platforms in the world. The .NET platform consists of four elements: clients, services, servers, and tools.

  • Smart client applications enable PCs and other devices to work with respect to the XML services, with access to information anywhere, anytime.
  • XML web-based services are small, reusable application components. They can be linked together as building blocks to perform tasks on behalf of users. Microsoft and other players are developing a core using these building blocks. This is the Microsoft .NET My Services service, which is based on the Microsoft .NET framework. My Services includes the .NET Passport user authentication system and the .NET Alerts notification system.
  • The Microsoft .NET server infrastructure — including Microsoft Windows .NET Server family and .NET Enterprise Servers — is key to installing, configuring and managing XML web-based services.
  • The Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development tool and the Microsoft .NET framework enable developers to create, roll out and run XML Web services.
Cegal and .NET

Cegal has used Microsoft's .NET technology in many projects, often major projects where logic is gathered together in a backend in order to perform calculations. We also have a frontend for visualising calculations, calculations, data and graphs, etc. We have many experts in C# (pronounced “C sharp”): An object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft as part of its initiative relating to the .NET platform. C# was designed to balance strength (C++) and rapid development (Java).

Amongst other things, we also use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): A flexible framework for creating a modern frontend (GUI), which mainly runs in Windows, and DevExpress WPF: A framework for WPF which provides new ready-made components.