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Blueback Seismic Data Management

Full lifecycle management of seismic data.

Easily manage large volumes of seismic data

A corporate information management solution for seismic data.

Cost and time-efficient data management

Blueback Seismic Data Management is a stand-alone data management solution from Cegal that provides full life cycle management of seismic data. With a modern architecture and a web-based user interface, Blueback Seismic Data Management scans, catalogs, quality controls, and prepares seismic data.

It is a cost and time-efficient solution that manages large volumes of data with efficient workflows. The solution further integrates with geographical information systems (GIS) and provides map and table-based views of seismic assets.

The open and easy-to-use data model provided in the Blueback Seismic Data Management database can be accessed directly with third-party tools and applications, including the Petrel* E&P software platform for seismic data loading.

Seismic Data Management dashboard
Seismic Catalog
Petrel Connector
Quality control and data preparation as input to workflows or for loading into geoscience applications.
Scanning seismic files and loading the metadata into the Seismic Data Management database.
Blueback Seismic Data Management integrates with many third-party tools, including Petrel™.

Seismic Data Management key features

Scanning seismic files

A disk crawler scans seismic and navigation files and loads the metadata into the Seismic Data Management database.

  • Automatic extraction of metadata
  • Automatic detection of duplicate files
  • Automation with scheduled tasks
Data preparation and quality control

The Blueback Seismic Data Management solution provides functions to prepare data as input to workflows or for loading into geoscience applications.

  • Collections of data in table or map views
  • Merge navigation data
  • Cut seismic
Third-party integrations

The database integrates with third-party tools like TIBCO Spotfire®, Microsoft Power BI™, Microsoft Excel™ along with Petrel and Studio* E&P knowledge environment for seismic data loading.

  • Custom reporting and dashboards
  • Petrel plugin for data import and QC
  • Native spatial data support for ArcGIS®
Modern web application

Access the system through an intuitive and secure web application built on modern standards, including self-service tools and user management for geoscientists.

  • Easy installation and flexible deployment
  • Scalable across devices
  • Intuitive and user-friendly

Petrel* and Studio* are marks of SLB
Spotfire® is a mark of TIBCO
Power BI™ and Excel™ are trademarks of Microsoft
ArcGIS® is a mark of Esri

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