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By simplifying complexity, Cegal’s consultants create digital success stories.

Domain and technical expertise

Energetic problem solvers with technological superpowers

Cegal gives you access to consultants who can solve problems and create digital success stories in three steps.

  1. They understand your business
  2. They have deep knowledge of both old and new technology
  3. They can help you create value through smart use of data

Our consultants offer a wide range of expertise, ranging from strategic advisory services to hands-on IT delivery.

Cegal’s consultancy services are flexible, providing a specialized set of competence and domain knowledge on either a short or long-term engagement, full time or part time.

A consultant may take a role in your organization, or have an external advisory role depending on what’s best for you. We can apply our own set of frameworks and methodologies, but we also have sufficient experience to adapt and work according to your selected methodologies where needed.
Our service offerings are formalized through education, documented experience, courses, certifications and skills in methodology, frameworks, templates and tools

IT Management for Hire

Knowledgeable professionals available for short- or long-term placements, covering technical solutions, information security, and processes.

Digital Advisory & Business Consultancy

Cegal’s digital advisory & business consultants solution takes care of the entire procurement, change management, and migration of your IT applications and data following a major M&A activity.

Energy Domain Experts

Experienced and knowledgeable specialists to add value to your energy organization.

Renewable Energy

We have many consultants with expertise in renewable energy, who have worked with complex issues, and have simplified our customers' everyday lives.

Data & Analytics

We help you make smart use of data, creating value for operational benefits or to win new customers.

Software Development

Discover how our developers use technology and code to turn good ideas into reality.


Our expertise covers both platform services and technologies for modern integration, helping you get the most from your data.

Public Cloud Infra and Cyber Sec

With digitalization and cloud making security more important than ever, see how our experts help you secure your IT infrastructure.

Project Management

We manage projects from planning to execution and hand-over, specializing in areas such as software, IT infrastructure, applications, and organizational alignment.

Test and Test Automation

Test automation is an absolutely indispensable operation that cannot be overlooked, ensuring higher test coverage, more frequent test execution and faster deliveries.

Want to know more about Consultants? We are ready to help you get started.


#MeetOurTeam - Daria

We want to showcase our employees through what we have called #MeetOurTeam. Meet Daria!

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