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Custom Software Management

Better control and manage custom-built applications.

Empower in-house DevOps

Custom Software Management helps you establish DevOps governance of small custom applications to large critical business solutions.

Remove citizen developer risks

Thanks to the likes of Microsoft Power BI, it’s never been easier for organizations to develop bespoke business applications. The rise of ‘citizen developers’ gives companies the power to access data insights and make smarter, data-driven strategic decisions.

Around many enterprise solutions there are a lot of customizations that adapt to company specific standards and processes, or enable data exchange between systems. Some have even built in-house core systems from scratch.

Despite the benefits, custom software can cause problems. For example, IT managers are concerned about a growing complexity in their application landscape. Bespoke applications often have poor documentation and governance, and should a critical stakeholder leave the business, continuity is challenging.

Cegal can help with our Custom Software Management service. Our team helps you get control over operating system integration, in-house solutions, and citizen development solutions.

Key custom software management feature

Business applications

Develop strong governance of personalized software and applications.

  • In-house applications and customized software
  • Company-specific system integrations
  • Automation of workflows
Implement DevOps

Custom Software Management enables this by implementing DevOps – our work process framework for management of application groups.

  • Transitioning governance of customizations
  • Transformation plans for business-critical solutions
  • Driving development
IT efficiency

Our team can take care of all aspects of software management, from planning, design and development, to modifications and configurations.

  • We let you focus on your core business goals
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Less administration and HR
Better business alignment

Remove the risk of poor documentation and empower the business to understand and control your custom software portfolio.

  • Reduce single person dependency
  • Ensure service and business continuity
  • Proactive advice on rationalization and innovation

Want to know more about Custom Software Management? We are ready to help you get started.

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