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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a holistic concept for a systematic mindset/approach/collaboration between development and operations teams – Development/Dev and Operations/Ops. DevOps is the way in which a culture is built in order to support efficient and agile processes.

DevOps pioneer John Willis refers to the CAMS model for establishing a DevOps culture:

  1. C for Culture describes the establishment of a secure environment for innovation and productivity. In order to create a secure environment, the company must break down the barriers between the various departments, with developers (Dev) on one side and operators (Ops) on the other, each with their own separate goals.
  2. A for Automation refers to the idea that automation contributes to optimisation. Such processes create consistency, save time and prevent errors.
  3. M for Measurement refers to the assessment criteria on which the company must base its assessments. These criteria enable processes to be continuously improved.
  4. S for Sharing forms the basis for two-way communication. It is about sharing knowledge and information, and learning from each other.
Cegal and DevOps

At Cegal, we use DevOps in many projects. We have found that it creates ownership which leads to more efficient and better solutions. For us, DevOps has made us less dependent on individuals, ensures better continuity and typically results in faster deliveries for our customers.

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