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What is Lean?  

Lean is not an abbreviation; it comes from the word ‘lean’ itself, which means slim or supple. Today, Lean is also used to refer to a project or production methodology which is used in a variety of industries and industries. In the IT world, it's about focusing on the customer's needs, developing and launching solutions on an ongoing basis, and making continuous improvements.  

The method was invented by the car manufacturer Toyota. Toyota's success and growth from a small company to the world's largest car manufacture also led of course to strong interest in the underlying principles and strategies. The Lean method was chiselled out in the book "The Machine That Changed the World", which dates from 1990.

The Lean method can be summarised under three main elements

  1. Understand what is of value for the customer.
  2. Create flow so that the value chain flows smoothly.
  3. Become a learning organisation that is continually improving.
Cegal and Lean

At Cegal, we have organised our product development according to the Lean method. We have domain expertise regarding the things we develop, while at the same time having close ties to our customers. This helps us to identify needs in the market and continually improve our products accordingly. In this way, we constantly strive to deliver up-to-date and competitive products to our customers.

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