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Blueback ODiSI

One dimensional stochastic inversion.

A robust, rigorous, and accessible solution for seismic inversion.

A new seismic inversion technique for geophysicists.

Developed jointly by BP and Cegal

Blueback ODiSI is a facies based seismic inversion method that specifically includes only the most robust prior information in order to jointly estimate facies and reservoir properties along with their associated uncertainties.

Blueback ODiSI does not require any prior lateral constraints: the algorithm converges so that each trace can be inverted independently of its neighbors yet laterally continuity is still achieved.

The technology was originally developed by BP (Connolly & Hughes, 2013, 2014, 2016) while a version for the Petrel* E&P software platform has been developed jointly by Cegal and BP.

The solution comes fully integrated into Petrel, complementing Cegal’s Quantitative Interpretation solution Blueback Rocks QI.

Robust Seismic Inversion
QC Rock Physics Models
Optimize seismic match
QC Best matching Pseudo Wells
QC Bed Thicknesses and Transitions
Blueback ODiSI is a robust, rigorous, and accessible solution for seismic inversion.
Dynamically create and QC the Rock Physics models.
The new post inversion algorithm “Finesse” allows a better match with the seismic input data and a reduction of seismic residuals.
Blueback ODiSI Inversion QC – quick and efficient QC of the Best Match Pseudo Wells.
Dynamically create and QC bed thicknesses and transitions statistics to ensure the desired range of prior information for each geo-layer. 



Low frequency model required

Up to 5

Color inverted angle stacks simultaneously


Statistically correct pseudo-wells generated

Blueback ODiSI features

Facies based inversion

Blueback ODiSI is a robust, rigorous, and accessible solution for seismic inversion.

  • High-quality reservoir imagery
  • Produces properties and uncertainties
  • Conceptually simple but rigorous
Inversion process

The process is based on geological concepts and captures all the prior knowledge about a given field, prospect or reservoir.

  • Time Markov Chains for vertical statistic lithofacies
  • Rock Physics Models to assign parameters
  • Pseudo-wells tied locally to geological interpretation
Improved algorithms

The computing intensive algorithm is simple, robust and multi-threaded, and now includes the new post inversion algorithm “Finesse” for improved results.

  • Based on local facies optimization
  • Better match to seismic data
  • Significant residual reduction

Petrel * is a mark of SLB

Want to know more about Blueback ODiSI? We are ready to help you get started.

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