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Data Management

Improved insights for data managers.

Subsurface data management

Maintain a high level of quality on your data all the way to your application onsite or in the cloud.

Solutions to support the Petrel* E&P software platform and seismic data management.
Maintain a healthy Petrel project and data network, and monitor Petrel projects and users.

Define and implement Petrel data management procedures and company policies. Analyze extensive information about the Petrel project content, project relationships and history to control your Petrel project network.

Understand, control and optimize Petrel environments and performance. Improve support outcomes and profile the health of any Petrel environment.

Effectively manage seismic data on prem or on Microsoft Azure™. Scan, fix and prepare seismic data for use in geoscience applications. Manage seismic files, assets and all associated knowledge and metadata through a full seismic life cycle.

Blueback Project Tracker

Blueback Project Tracker gives data managers an overview of Petrel projects and their content, and monitors change over time.

Blueback Seismic Data Management

Cegal’s corporate information management solution for cost and time-efficient management of seismic data.

Blueback System Center

Optimize your Petrel IT environment with Blueback System Center, a tool for Petrel application owners, system administrators, support and data managers.

Petrel * is a mark of SLB
Azure™ is a trademark of Microsoft

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