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Discover Cegal Cetegra

The digital future for energy experts, today.

Reinventing how energy industry experts share and collaborate.

Built over decades of collaboration with global energy leaders, Cetegra caters to energy sector specific digitalization needs – from data integration to cyber security.

Remove barriers to business growth. With seamless, cloud-based integration between legacy systems and applications, supporting both private and public cloud, Cetegra gives you the optimal work environment, for everyone, every day.

Digitalization made easy

Say goodbye to silos. Cetegra gives energy companies access to all applications and data in a unique, collaborative, and flexible cloud-based solution.

Flexible workspace

Whether it is about empowering your employees by enabling them to work from anywhere yet collaborating optimally, or supporting the usage of resource-intensive applications, Cetegra represents the ideal, tailor-made solution.

Leveraging the power of cloud computing and deployed as a full as-a-service offering, Cetegra simplifies work processes and increases productivity by providing an open application integration platform with an intuitive interface accessible to all users.

Effective cost management

Traditional IT procurement typically involves high capital expenditure, or significant up-front investments, to acquire critical IT assets. Public cloud solutions, on the other hand, rely on existing infrastructure from cloud vendors and thus eliminate capital expenditure through a pay-as-you-go model.

Cetegra allows you to use data centers provided by Cegal as well as major cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure© or Amazon Web Services©.

The Cetegra subscription model enables you to keep all your operational costs under control. Additionally, the flexible tiering system can scale operational expenditure up and down as required.

Sustainability, wellbeing and safety

Cetegra helps you achieve your sustainability goals, as it is powered by low emissions and high-performance data centers.

You can also significantly reduce the high energy consumption levels, energy costs, and noise levels that are created by high-end workstations, servers, and even smaller computers.

Cetegra Workspace

Benefit from an incredible user experience, with all data and applications available at your fingertips.

Cetegra Client

Cetegra Client simplifies the management of devices and reduce overall administrative costs while providing the necessary flexibility and security.

Cetegra Virtual Data Rooms

Cetegra Virtual Data Rooms provides safe, secure and smart environments to support all your transactions, from due diligence to farm-out deals.

Cetegra High Performance Desktop (HPD)

Simplify all your work processes and increase productivity.High Performance Desktop (HPD), formerly known as GeoCloud, provides a powerful virtual desktop on any device.

Cetegra Integration Factory

Discover how you can harmonize legacy systems and applications to get rapid access to all the data and files you need.

Cetegra High Performance Computing (HPC)

Explore how you can quickly boost your computing performance and perform complex calculations, from seismic imaging to wind turbine simulations.

Cetegra Innovation Space

Experiment with data and technology. Cetegra offers you a safe and secure sandbox environment, making deep knowledge rapidly available and ready for deployment as soon as needed.

Cetegra Application Management

Keep your overheads low. Cetegra offers full management of your application portfolio, including lifecycle management, updates, hosting, and security.

Cetegra Customer Care

Discover Cetegra Customer Care. From troubleshooting to customized implementation, we help you navigate your digital transformation.


Discover how Cegal expertise can support you in deploying and migrating your E&P data to the OSDU® data platform.


OSDU® is a trademark of The Open Group



Up to 98% carbon emission reduction


Reduce noise by almost 100 decibels


Reduce energy usage by up to 93%

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