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Blueback Project Tracker

Confidence in your Petrel and Studio data management.

Streamline Petrel project management

Get an overview of all your Petrel projects from all users and on all network disks.

Control and monitor Petrel data

With Blueback Project Tracker, and its rich set of functions for tracking and monitoring projects in the Petrel* E&P software platform, data managers have complete confidence in ensuring adherence to their data management procedures and company policies.

Blueback Project Tracker has a rich data model that provides extensive information about Petrel project content and history.

Blueback Project Tracker will search through all specified disks on the network and populate a SQL database with Petrel project information from all projects. This process can be automated with scheduled tasks. The information is then made available through an easy-to-use web interface, or by using standard reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI™ or TIBCO Spotfire®.

Tracker web dashboard
Seismic data duplication
Network graphs view
Tracker admin configuration
Project rules
Repository extension
Spatial query manager
Spatial extension
BI Dashboards
Using Python Tool Pro to execute Petrel Workflows.
Identify seismic data duplication over the Petrel projects. 
Track how projects are being copied across the network and visualize the relationship between projects. 
Blueback Project Tracker Admin interface for selecting the data and options for scanning.
Create project rules to identify project deviation from specific rules: naming convention, folder location, coordinate system, etc.
The Blueback Project Tracker Repository Extension allows the scanning of Studio for Petrel repositories and setting up automated cleanup procedures.
Interactively create custom spatial SQL views using polygons on a map display.
The Blueback Project Tracker Spatial extension creates SQL views with spatial information for the Petrel data scanned by Blueback Project Tracker. The views can be loaded into ESRI ArcGis® products.
Connect your Blueback Project Tracker database to BI Dashboarding tools and gain more insight into your data.

Project Tracker key features

Prevent Petrel project chaos

Blueback Project tracker gives project managers the ability to retain control of all projects at all times.

  • Efficiently manage project storage
  • Easily identify duplicated projects and seismic data
  • Review project and data relationships
Additional functionality

Project Tracker also provides a set of helpful tools to aid data managers with adherence to data management policies, upgrading Petrel projects and archiving.

  • Automatic validation of data management policies
  • Bulk upgrade Petrel projects to the latest version
  • Move projects from one location to another
Blueback Project Tracker spatial features

The Blueback Project Tracker Spatial module enables data managers to use Esri ArcGIS® to visualize the findings from the Tracker database.

  • Visualize project extents and data coverage spatially
  • Identify mis-positioned data
  • Export seismic interpretations as georeferenced images
Repository extension

The Repository Extension module extends the scanning to the Studio* E&P knowledge environment for Petrel repository data, with additional features to delete data from the repositories.

  • Full transparency of repository content
  • Compare repository and project data
  • Automate Studio clean-up

Petrel * and *Studio are marks of SLB
Power BI™ is a trademark of Microsoft
Spotfire® is a mark of TIBCO
ArcGIS® is a mark of Esri

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