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Application Management

Get maximum value from your application portfolio.

End-to-end application optimization

Benefit from expert application management consultancy, including lifecycle management, procurement, and rationalization.

Let Cegal experts guide your application portfolio

Application Management is the process of managing applications throughout their lifecycle, from initial idea to retirement. With Application Management as a Service, Cegal can drive application portfolio optimization and cost savings for you by utilizing a standardized best practice process.

Cegal’s Application Management team will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met. You can choose from different service features, and customize the service based on your individual context.

Application Management as a Service will cover the most critical aspects of Application Lifecycle management, while ensuring you benefit from full transparency in the form of dashboards and reports. You will always have full visibility of your applications – and the cost savings we’ll deliver for you.

Give your applications the attention they deserve

As businesses increase digitalization activities, so operational complexity grows. This can result in large application portfolios that are difficult to organize, rationalize, or, in many cases, justify. The end result is unnecessary costs to the business and an application portfolio that is not fit for purpose.

From proactive application monitoring, preventive maintenance, and issue resolution, to license review, procurement support, and cost control, we promise peace of mind, stability, and transparency of your application portfolio.

Cegal’s IT experts are here to help

We can offer expert advice that considers your business needs and individual requirements. Our consultative expertise covers:


Key features

Reduce costs

Uncover where you’re overspending and how to stretch your IT budget further.

  • Rationalize application portfolio
  • Measure the value of each application
  • Cost transparency on all applications
Streamline application portfolio

Ensure that each and every application is delivering maximum value to the business.

  • Ensure licenses and subscriptions meet your needs
  • Increase value realization of applications
  • Declutter under performing applications
Ease of mind

Cegal’s experts will take care of the entire lifecycle management of your entire application portfolio.

  • Analyze the business case for applications
  • Clean up, downgrade, upgrade or remove licenses
  • All governance processes taken care of
Continuous improvements

Benefit from application management best practice and a continuous methodology process.

  • Ongoing analysis based on contract lifecycles
  • Evolving to meet your changing needs
  • Updates and upgrades managed for you

Want to know more about Application Management? We are ready to help you get started.

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