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Cegal Data Program

Combining our cutting-edge technologies with unrivaled data expertise.

The Cegal Data Program has been built from the ground up to support your digital transformation journey

We combine decades of expertise in subsurface software with unrivaled skill in data. No matter where you are on your digitalization journey the Data Program will help to deliver maximum business value in the shortest space of time.


  • The Data Assessment - Define your subsurface project and data landscape
  • Data rationalization - Enhancing data quality, reducing the time needed to access data, and improving data storage
  • Reporting as a Service - Supporting on-going data governance

The Cegal Data Program comprises three parts:



Data Assessment 

Define today’s project and data landscape 

The Cegal Data Assessment delivers a comprehensive overview of your subsurface project & data landscape. 

The Data Assessment uses Cegal’s comprehensive file and project scanning technologies to ingest meta-data about your file systems and deliver unapparelled business insight.

The Data Assessment is the right start to any corporate data initiative.


Data program


Data Rationalization Services

Enact targeted improvement 

Enhance your subsurface projects and data with our specialized services, leveraging our latest automation technologies and proven workflows.

From managing unlicensed seismic data to restructuring file system post-merger, we deliver effective improvements fast and reliably.


Data integrity: Complete, accurate datasets.

Cost savings: Reduce costs by eliminating duplicates and optimizing storage.

Regulatory compliance: Adherence to industry standards minimizes non-compliance risks.






Key Services

Subsurface & project data management: file system creation, restructuring & population plus project & data de-duplication.

Reference data management: Creation of reference data environments, synchronization of project data, and efficient data loading into apps like Petrel and Techlog.

Petrel specific workflows – all performed programmatically across multiple projects: Seismic data tasks including de-duplication, reconnection & externalization, project upgrading, CRS adjustments, and data synchronization.

Zip management: extract unique projects & data, remove redundant zip files.

Our services are available both remotely and onsite.

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Contact us for more information or to book in a Pre-Assessment of your data environment >


Reporting as a Service

Drive continuous excellence 

The Cegal Reporting as a Service includes the deployment of several technologies to monitor, govern and maintain your data & project environment over time for a fixed monthly cost. This unique reporting service helps maintain consistent alignment with your corporate data management strategies.

Included components:

  • Blueback Project Tracker Web: Class leading Petrel and Studio analytics.
  • Reporting  as a Service (RaaS) Business Intelligence dashboards: Monitor subsurface apps and data across file systems over time.
  • Blueback Project Tracker Admin: Full access to perform project & data improvements.
  • Support: All scanning technologies fully supported by Cegal consultants 


  • Data Efficiency: Continuous oversight for optimal data management.
  • Compliance: Uphold governance standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Issue detection: Early identification and resolution of data issues saves time and resources.
  • Data quality: Continuous monitoring rectifies data issues, enhancing decision-making accuracy.




Dashboard features:

  • Comprehensive file monitoring: Constant oversight of all files on a network with disk usage trends.
  • Data analysis: Track disk usage by file type, duplicate data, SEG & Digital well data changes, and more.
  • Application monitoring: Monitor subsurface apps such as Petrel, DUG Insight, Geoteric & more. Monitor project count, disk use, locations and duplication.
  • Petrel-specific monitoring: Track orphaned files and internal seismic data progression.

data program 1

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Contact us for more information or to book in a Pre-Assessment of your data environment >

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