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#MeetOurTeam – Zaphod

We want to showcase our employees through what we have called #MeetOurTeam. Meet Zaphod!

Zaphod MeetOurTeam


Cegal Office:


Comes from:

Years in Cegal:

Zaphod Peters

37 years

Houston, USA

Technical Sales Specialist


11 years

What does a typical workday look like to you?

A typical work day involves talking to clients about their Blueback Project Tracker, Blueback System Center software, and other Data Management support needs. I generate all the licenses of our products for the Sales team in Houston as new or renewals occur throughout the years. Currently, I am trying to expand my Data Management understanding and am in the process of renewing my understanding of our Geology and Geophysics products again after being focused on our Data Management products for a fair amount of my Cegal career.

Read more about our Geoscience software here > 

Which technologies do you work with?

The technologies that I work with the most are Blueback Project Tracker, Petrel, Studio, SQL, and Excel and I have toyed with PowerBI and Spotfire. Currently attempting to understand Python but my Geologist's brain is not enjoying this third language. 

Read more about Blueback Avary, Cegal solutions for faster, intuitive geophysical insight and analysis here > 

What drives you at work and in your role, what's fun?

I have enjoyed working with all the people around me regardless of location, I have had some fun cracking client challenges either during support calls or during Data Management projects where due to the multiple resources that I have had at hand, we Cegal have prevailed with a solution.

What is the best thing about working in Cegal?

The people that I work with are great people and very talented. 

Which app do you use the most, and why?

Steam – I like my PC games. 

What is your favorite quote?

Don't Panic.

Douglas Adams 

What do you prefer?

Android or iPhone?

iTunes or Spotify?

Streaming or linear-tv?

Call or text?

Emoji or text?

Snapchat or Instagram?




Images with short text descriptions, call when frustration sets in

Text, still getting used to emojis


Is there anything else we should know about you? Any fun facts?

I ride dirt bikes, mountain bikes, snowmobiles and I enjoy scuba diving all when possible. 

Fun fact about my heading picture: The picture  was taken during that terrible week for Houston where we got snow for the first time in memorial history and we could not heat the house due to our furnace controls needing power which had now been out by this time for two days, so we turned a bad time into a great time with the kids ❄️

Is there anything else fun we should know about you? 

I have lived half my life in Colombia, South America, and the remainder here in Houston, Texas. I have enjoyed traveling around this country and any other trips outside of the USA have always been a pleasure. 

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