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Power BI

What is Power BI?

Power BI has helped revolutionize the world of business intelligence. Imagine that you’re just a keystroke away from up-to-date analytics, data, and insights. Here you will find interconnected graphs, tables and other visualizations that make it easy to find what you want. These are collected in reports or dashboards that you can easily reach via various devices. Should you wish to dig into the underlying data, these can be easily exported to Excel.

In short, Power BI is a collection of tools and services that simplify the process of data retrieval, data modeling, visualization and reporting, as well as sharing analytical solutions. Composed of various apps, software services, and connectors, Power BI is part of Microsoft’s Power Platform software suite.

Some benefits of Power BI:

  • Gain insight into your business by combining data from your various systems and visualizing your data in interactive reports and dashboards
  • Save time and costs by automating data retrieval and reports
  • Make it easy to share reports and dashboards — for example, through links, apps, websites (Power.com), Microsoft Teams, the intranet, or Sharepoint access
  • Scaling from the individual to the organization as a whole
  • Access reports from different devices — computer, tablet, or mobile phone (Android, iOS, and Windows)
  • Minimize the probability of human error
  • Start using one of the best and most affordable BI tools on the market

Power BI consists of a desktop application called Power BI Desktop, a web-based SaaS (software as a service) service called Power BI Service, and Power BI mobile apps. There is also a report server for Power BI, which allows you to publish Power BI reports to an on-site report server after you create them in Power BI Desktop.


Cegal and Power BI

At Cegal, we have several Power BI experts who can assist you and your company with the creation and development of reporting solutions, visualization in reports, general advice and training. We can help you with your projects regardless of the type of data.

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