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Cyber Security Management

Reduce risk through value and threat insight.

Protect your valuable data

Create a solid security strategy to protect your critical business functions.

Establish information security

In the energy sectorm industrial automation and process control systems are characterized by a high degree of digitalization. The increasing dependence on digital technology begets new digital vulnerabilities and has resulted in a high degree of risk. The energy sector continues to be a prime candidate for increasingly innovative cyberattacks. Recent events have also shown the sector to be among the most vulnerable. Moving forward it is vital that information security in the energy sector catch up.

Cyber Security Management from Cegal will guide and help you navigate this complex field. Our dedicated delivery areas offer a wide specter of security solutions to help protect and monitor critical functions and ensure business continuity. Using our partnering model, Cegal’s team will work closely with you to ensure that your business needs are met . Cyber Security Management provides the development of a tailored risk strategy to support your business’s strategic direction and continuous improvement.

A holistic approach

We put ourselves in your position, bringing industry knowledge for asset and risk identification and classification. Cost/benefit analyses and implementation of risk mitigations, together with continuous improvement, ensure the correct prioritization.

Our Partnering Model ensures the correct level of security based on a range of factors:

  • Mission, objectives, and obligations
  • Cost/benefit (ROI)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Energy industry knowledge
  • IT security competence
  • Threat trends

Our holistic approach ensures that processes and frameworks are applied company-wide and across all information systems:

  • Public and Private Cloud
  • Contractors
  • Industrial IT (OT)
  • Onsite IT

Cyber Security Management offers a simplistic approach to establishing and maintain effective security protocols. This enables you to document information security processes and assets in an auditable way, ensuring the ability to provide documentation to customers, owners, and government bodies – demonstrating that you are in compliance.

Key features


Identify potential risk and which assets are or systems are under threat.

  • Identify valuable assets with associated threats and vulnerabilitites
  • Map your criticality, accessibility, and risk level
  • Initiate sufficient protection

Establish and maintain an acceptable risk level.

  • Focus on proactive ways to avoid incidents
  • Protect and maintain your assets
  • Ensure business continuity

As the threat landscape is continuously changing with trends and technology, we are always alert.

  • Analyze the environment
  • Test critical systems
  • Initiate protective measures
Manage and recover

Establish efficient processes for the early detection of incidents and elimination of root cause.

  • Be prepared with countermeasures
  • Minimize impact
  • Ensure non-disruptive business

Want to know more about Cyber Security Management? We are ready to help you get started.

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