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Data and Analytics

Get control of data and information flow.

Utilize data in a smart way


Tomorrow’s businesses are the ones that are able to make smart use of their data. Cegal  is a leader in data utilization and can provide you and your company with optimal assistance in this area. As an end-to-end supplier with a professionally strong and future-minded team, we are ready to help your business with all aspects of the process – from consulting and architecture to development and management.

  • Data management and information management 
    Get control of data and information flow. Who can do what, when, where and how, and define the principles that make information available to the right person, at the right time.

  • Data platform
    Scalable and future-proof data platforms that compile, process, store and utilize data for further analytical processing and insight - both on-prem, in the cloud and in hybrid solutions. Advice in the choice of architecture and technology.

  • Big Data
    Sensor data, text files, and data that is more or less unstructured provide great value.
  • Data Science
    Using various advanced analysis techniques and methods, data-driven decision support services are developed. This includes, but is not limited to AI, machine learning, discovery workshops, advanced analysis, image recognition, time series and predictive analytics, as well as work with data quality and washing.

  • Data visualization
    Compilation and presentation of data in reports and dashboards, for further analysis, insight and communication. See Power BI and Oracle Analytics.


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At Cegal, we have a multitude of consultants who are experts in, among other things, BI, reporting, data management and advanced analysis. With the goal of becoming a leading technology company, we are ready to help your business.

Data platforms

A data platform collects, prepares and makes data available for analysis, preferably using a data warehouse. The purpose of a data platform is to make data available so that it can be used to make efficient and data-driven decisions.

Many companies generate large amounts of data, often from different systems. Some also need to supplement this information with data from public or external data sources. Often the data is poorly structured and requires significant transformations and clarification before it can be used for analysis and information purposes. This is resource-intensive and often involves a great deal of manual labor. A data platform automates and solves this for you. It collects, processes, transforms, prepares, and makes your data available for use— whether in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid solution.



A data platform consists of different components depending on the individual business’s needs and purposes. At Cegal Sysco, we therefore focus on interdisciplinary teams in our data platform projects, thus ensuring high competence at all levels. We have extensive experience with projects in the data platform area, especially with Microsoft (Azure) and Oracle technology.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is an information technology field that entails collecting and structuring business information for use in reporting, analysis and decision support. A BI solution often consists of software to extract data from source systems, transform the data according to business definitions, and load the transformed data into a database. This type of database is often called a data warehouse. On top of the data warehouse database, software is used to model and visualize the data.

BI is used to provide better corporate governance and a better basis for planning and future decisions. Microsoft and Oracle are among the largest providers of Business Intelligence solutions, with Microsoft Power BI and Oracle Business Intelligence, among other products.

Our consultants work to develop analytical models and data visualizations in Power BI and Oracle Business Intelligence. We enable our customers to easily analyze their business and thus give our customers the opportunity to make better and more informative decisions based on facts. Today, the goal for many customers is to become more data-driven. To do this, data must be collected, structured and stored on the right platforms - either traditional, structured relational data warehouses or big data solutions. The entire architecture of becoming a data-driven organization can be located in the cloud, and our consultants have broad experience in both building and moving solutions from on-premise to the cloud.





Cegal and Business Intelligence:

At Cegal, we have more than 50 consultants who work daily on these types of deliveries and projects with many large and small Norwegian customers. We have experience from a variety of industries and primarily work with technologies from Microsoft and Oracle.

Read about how we helped NRK: NRK was the first in the Nordic countries to start using cloud-based Oracle BI >

Read about: Our super-skilled consultants >


Data Science

Data is the axis of any digital side of any company. But data in itself is useless. Only companies who use it well can transform their business and become truly data driven.

In our department we are helping our customers utilizing the power of data they have to future-proof their companies.

Our data solutions include, but are not limited to:

Data science is science that serves to enrich customer understanding and have better insight on where business and situation in the market.

1. Discovery workshops - Identify your business needs and opportunities and develop an actionable AI use case.

2. Performing In-Depth Analysis – Use advanced analytics and ML for optimization and business automation, as well as better decision-making. We combine the powers of machine learning and predictive analytics to offer businesses the cutting edge of predictive forecasting.

The most popular machine learning applications include recommendation engines, anomalies detection and image recognition.

3. Turning insights into action – Communicate, visualize and report for better business performances. Our deliveries can be in different format:

  • Dashboard and reports
  • Custom ML-driven app for self-service use
  • ML model directly integrated into an other application
Advanced analytics (AI/ML) as a service for business

Our team develops services using a broad stack of Data science techniques and methods for better data-driven decision support. Our solutions are generated in close collaboration with our customers and tailored to the needs of our client’s business. Each solution is built as a continual service that evolves in time fitting the needs and new demands of our clients.

Example in energy sector
Intelligent planning of maintenance work on production facilities or infrastructure of the network represents an important field of application of ML.

Maintenance and upkeep tasks have often taken place at regular intervals or during extraordinary events.
Collection and analysis of real time data (sensors) from production plants or from distribution system operators (DSO) enables to ensure quality and to establish maintenance plans adapted to the needs.

For example, it can help to fix optimized maintenance dates and better prepare technicians for their maintenance activity.
Machine learning algorithms with a global approach have shown to improve the forecasts provided by naive methods.

Uses-cases in electricity domain:
  • Production: monitoring the vibration of turbine to anticipate production shutoffs
  • Transmission: better understanding the causes of large oscillations on the grid
  • Distribution: making a representation of failure link to cables to support decision on their replacement
NextGen Data Management
Learn how Cegal energy domain experts provide data and information management solutions delivered as a service, to any data location.

With a unique combination of technology and domain expertise, CegalSysco delivers a complete data management services portfolio to optimize the data flow of your petrotechnical environment on prem, in clouds or as a combo. By introducing a modern and automated data management workflow, geoscience and data managers will gain access to data in a convenient and powerful way.

We have an experienced and dedicated group of geoscientists and data managers with domain knowledge of the E&P - and the broader Energy industry.

Cegal makes sure you do not have to worry about the state of data & information. We deliver efficient and high-quality services to ensure a fully optimized and managed environment, at a predictable cost.

Energy domain experts

By the acquisition of domain expert companies, such as Blueback, Envision and Avito, CegalSysco got experienced and knowledgeable specialists to add value to your energy organization.

NextGen Data Management

We are introducing Subscription offering to utilize our excellence centre for the Data Management as a Service model, were our multiskilled team drives services & processes according to customer priority.

Our Capabilities and Functionality

Digitization is based on your business needs, which means it’s crucial to identify your bespoke challenges and understand how to solve them with powerful IT solutions. That’s where our energy consultants come into their own. Our domain experts are specialists in putting the right processes in place, as well as having an excellent understanding of IT systems.

Through extensive experience from international assignments, our business consultants help to optimize, streamline and digitize business-critical processes. We can also help you automate manual processes, such as by implementing Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and chatbots.

We have demonstrated our experience on:

  • Classic Data Management
  • NextGen Data Management Services
  • Automation and frictionless workflows
  • Innovation and digitalization

We have in depth insights on:

  • Data Management guideline and Data Management playbook
  • Governance – DataOps and DevOps
  • Nextgen hybrid Data Management service model
Let the experts do what they do best

Our energy domain consultants are experts in the oil and gas and power industries.

EnergyX is our crack team on oil and gas, consisting of highly sought-after and renowned business consultants, project managers and system consultants with in-depth knowledge of oil and gas business processes. They boast an average of 15 years’ international experience with Energy Components (EC), developing, implementing and managing market-leading industrial solutions for the largest energy companies in the world.

Our power experts also have very heavy and impressive experience from the power industry in both Norway and throughout the Nordics.
In addition to delivering our software solutions, we also have a number of other services to offer.

We are introducing Subscription offering to utilize our excellence centre for the Data Management as a Service model, were our multi skilled team drives actions & processes according to customer priority, such as:

  • Handle data requests, create and make relevant overview reports/maps available
  • Maintain, load and QC Well data, Seismic volumes and related data like velocity and interpretation to Petrel
  • Project Data Management (Petrel)
  • Download seismic and related data from National Data Repository (NDR)
  • Import/export seismic and interpretation data
  • Follow-up reporting of seismic data to NDR
  • Manage Data rooms
  • Data Management project and business processes management
  • Data Governance
  • Implement and maintain the data management work processes
  • Represent Customer towards external customers or partners as and when needed
  • Prepare project data for internal and external customers

How our consultants can help


Collect, visualize and use your data to make smarter business decisions faster.

  • Fully integrated Power BI datasets
  • Speed dial for reports and dashboard
  • Extract value from data quickly
Cloud migration
Move your data and applications to the cloud to unlock scalable computing power on demand.

  • Oracle Cloud Experts
  • Azure connection
  • Gives you the best of both worlds
License advice
As a licensing expert, Cegal is your ideal partner across a range of solutions.

  • Oracle, Microsoft and Google
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Azure and Oracle Cloud connectivity
HCM Control
HCM Control is a product built on the latest technology on the Microsoft Azure platform, which gives you control over all the values for all operations across the organization.

  • Simplification of data collection
  • All key data in one place
  • Visualize the entire hydrocarbon value chain

Want to know more about Data and Analytics? We are ready to help you get started.

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