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Large Language Models

What are Large Language Models?  

Large Language Models (LLMs) are a type of artificial intelligence models that use deep learning to analyze and understand written language. They are designed to learn and generate language based on a vast amount of training data like books, articles, and websites.  

The best known LLM is OpenAI’s GPT. GPT version 3 is the foundational model that drives the ChatGPT chatbot. It is possible to converse with the bot, and it can generate translations, code, answer questions and summarize text to mention a few. One limitation of ChatGPT is that it could only relate to data from before 2022. Recently Microsoft has used the technology to augment their Bing search engine to provide more recent search web results. 

There is a lot of potential in LLMs to create content and assist people of various professions in their daily work. Some example benefits are: 

  • Work smarter and faster: Coding help – GitHub Collab is a productivity helper for developers. 
  • Analyze vast amounts of corporate data to make predictions: Generate financial reports and respond to customer tenders.
  • Automate requests: Train on historical support data to improve customer requests. 

While language models have many potential benefits, there are also challenges and limitations to using them. These challenges include issues such as reliability and bias, as well as the fact that the models are trained on textual data and may have limited knowledge of the real world. Additionally, language models lack human knowledge and sense, which can limit their effectiveness. 

Despite these challenges, language models can still be a powerful tool. By remaining mindful of the limitations of the model, fine-tuning and tweaking the set of parameters until you are satisfied with the results, and taking the time to explore different challenges, you can move closer to building something truly amazing.  

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Cegal and Large Language Models

With the Cetegra platform, Cegal is delivering an optimized user experience for client data and apps. We are constantly looking into the future and seeing how LLMs can be utilized on company internal data. With our skilled technologists and innovative products and services we can help you harness the power of conversational and generative AI.