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What is Digitalization?

Digitalization is about using technology to renew, simplify and improve. It is about providing new and better services, which are simple and efficient to use.

Essentially, digitalization is a collective term for the transition from analog, mechanical and paper-based solutions, processes, and systems, to electronic and digital solutions. The term ‘digitalization’ therefore also encompasses the establishment of new IT systems which maintain procedures that are carried out manually, although some of the biggest savings from digitalization often come when procedures are not only digitalized but also automated. The term, as it is used today, also covers the upgrading of old and outdated solutions, even though old IT systems are strictly already digital.

Most people make a distinction between digitalization and digital transformation. While digitalization is continuously improving the processes that are already in use, digital transformation is more profound and combines technologies in new ways in order to transform legacy services and products.

Cegal and digitalization
At Cegal, we get up every day to create digital success stories for our customers. Our vision is to become a legend amongst super-skilled tech heads and energy companies in the Nordic countries. Our customer pledge is, therefore: We have the superpowers and the industry knowledge you need to realize your digital success stories, efficiently and without fuss. IT is becoming increasingly complex.

To make all systems work together, you need a partner who understands three things:

  • Your industry
  • The established systems you already have
  • New technologies for cloud storage and data streams

Our superpower is to make different technologies work together.