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Cegal turns complex IT into digital success stories

A global tech powerhouse, specializing in energy and security.

Cloud operations

Connect your people, tools and data in the cloud

From design to delivery and ongoing optimization, Cegal is the perfect partner for your journey to the cloud. Give your people the ability to work at their best, every day, from everywhere.


Modern industrial software

Discover industry-leading software for the energy sector to increase efficiency and control while reducing costs and emissions.


Expert consultancy where you need it most

Our technical expertise adds real value in key areas, such as integrating and monitoring technologies, turning data into insights, and driving professional IT processes as a service.


Tech + energy = Cegal

The super skills and industry knowledge you need to realize your digital potential, efficiently and without fuss.

Who we are

Our vision and mission are ambitious and forward-thinking. We want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories. Learn more about how we use tech to make the world a better place.


Join our team of super skilled experts

We’re always on the lookout for the next generation of techxperts. Discover our inclusive culture, where you are seen, heard and appreciated and part of a team of passionate fuss fighters.


Enabling a more sustainable future

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and absolutely essential to our vision of becoming a legendary company that employees love to work for, and that customers want to work with. Learn about our sustainability pillars, and how we contribute to a more sustainable environment.


Talk to us today to start turning your complex IT problems into digital success stories.

Latest news

Cegal helps Easee on their global, green journey

The electric car charging company's vision is to shape the future of electricity. Cegal is the perfect IT partner and technology provider that lets Easee reach its goal.

Cegal helps Easee on their global, green journey
With a new name and brand Cegal will play a key role in the green transition

With a new name and new logo, the merger between Cegal and SYSCO will be completed. A leading, global technology company is now being built for the energy sector. Now we're called Cegal.

- Avary changes the way we work

With Blueback Avary, geologists, and geophysicists get more intuitive geophysical insight and analysis with super high quality faster than ever before. The savings can be millions of dollars annually for oil and gas companies.

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Cegal helps Easee on their global, green journey
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