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Digital Transformation

What is Digital transformation?

Most people make a distinction between digitalisation and digital transformation. Digitalisation is the continuous improvement of processes that are already in use. This could, for example, be when a new business system, which supports old business models, is introduced. Digital transformation is more profound. Digital transformation is when Vipps, Uber, Kolonial.no combine technologies in new ways in order to transform legacy services and products.

Digital transformation can be described as:

a process where an organisation changes how it performs its tasks, offers better services, works more efficiently, or creates completely new services
where user focus and user experience are at the heart of the change
based on digital technology
a fundamental and comprehensive change, rather than a minor adjustment
redesign of the business at all levels – people, processes, technology and governance.
Cegal and digital transformation

At Cegal, we get up every day to create digital success stories for our customers. Our vision is to become a legend amongst super-skilled tech heads and energy companies in the Nordic countries. Our customer pledge is therefore: We have the superpowers and the industry knowledge you need to realise your digital success stories, efficiently and without fuss.

IT is becoming increasingly complex. To make all systems work together, you need a partner who understands three things:

  1. Your industry
  2. The established systems you already have
  3. New technologies for cloud storage and data streams

Our superpower is to make different technologies work together.

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Do digitalisation in your company and the Barbie Group's launch of shapely barbie dolls have anything in common? Definitely, according to Maria Forsberg Kristoffersen of Cegal.

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