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What is Python?

Python is a programming language intended for the development of tools and applications. It is an object-oriented high-level language where tasks are described step by step. Some typical applications are automation, data integration and data analysis (Machine learning and artificial intelligence).

The most common version is CPython. It is a pure text-based version, but there are a number of frameworks and libraries that make it possible to create graphical user interfaces. The different frameworks are often adapted to different needs.

Python is very expressive; it can be expanded with many code libraries, and it has great access to functions “under the hood” in the host computer. It is therefore well suited to build lasting solid solutions with advanced functionality.

Python is the most widely used language among Data Scientists, and they often use graphical libraries such as Plotly and Dash to create data visualizations of the findings they make.

Cegal and Python

At Cegal we offer various Python tools. Below you will find a short description of the different tools.

Blueback Python Tool Pro

Python Tool Pro – enables computer science with Petrel and allows you to apply complex machine learning algorithms to your Petrel data. Blueback Python Tool Pro is the latest development of Python Tool and is now available as its own product separate from Blueback Toolbox (see below for further description of this).

Our goal is to enable customers to leverage more value from older data in their preferred computer science environment.

The tool allows geoscientists to use complex machine learning algorithms and computer science workflows with their Petrel data, and it includes several tools for visualizing, manipulating and distributing code.

Blueback Toolbox

The Blueback Toolbox package contains close to 100 tools that complement the standard Petrel. It covers geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering and data management domains, as well as assisting the Petrel user with a range of tools to better manage Petrel projects.

Previously, the Python distribution (IronPython) was assembled with the tool where it was independent and worked right out of the box. However, it could not benefit from all the work done in projects such as Pandas and scikit-learn.

Cegal Tools

Cegal Tools is a user-friendly tool for geoscientists. The main benefits of Cegal Tools are reduced time and effort when working with well log data using Python™. Based on open-source tools such as plotly, pandas and lasio, the main features of Cegal Tools allow easy loading, manipulation and visualization of well logs from las files.